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Mark Crossfield reviews the new Mizuno MP18 SC irons from Mizuno golf and talks about who might get the most from these golf irons. The Split Cavity MP18 will be popular with golfers who want the Mizuno classic Faldo look with some help of the small split cavity. For golfers who want true lofts and spin numbers at the same time a good looking golf club the Mizuno MP18 SC might be one to demo and try.

Music by Ryan Little subscribe to his channel here https://www.youtube.com/TheR4C2010

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Station 2Station says:

Crossfield does meaningful reviews on green grass on real courses.  Unlike that Andrew Ainsworth chap hitting balls into a a screen in some little room trying to glean the differences between forgings by looks at his personal clubhead speed and spin.  Zzzzz.  Keep it up, Mark.

jay rode says:

I did a combo set 5-6 SC, 7-PW MPs..Ordered on Monday will arrive on Friday ..Good review.

jay rode says:

After a fitting session I could go with the MP18 for the entire set, but the cavity in the SC has sold me on a little forgiveness. Is it really there??? 4-6 SC and 7-PW MP..Easy set to combo.

Trevor Muller says:

Might be time to swap my MP64's for a combo MP18 SC long irons and MP 18 5 iron up!

Dogan Keskinkilic says:

I had a custom fitting today at a House of golf Performance Centre in Melbourne for MP18 SC irons and I loved.Nothing Feels Like Mizuno….

WailDiagram 23 says:

Ah remember the TP11's yes you guessed it MP18 regenerated for 2017 like the doctor……when did harry hill start plying golf ??

Fred C says:

Awesome video, love that course ! Can't wait to see these in person real soon. Are the soles on the short irons thicker than say the MP64s, or MP5's?? The appear to be on the video. I'm still playing MP60s and really obviously love them. Been playing them since the day they came out, I'm on my 2nd set. I want to upgrade next season and will stay with Mizuno…

Taylor Goble says:

the mp18's have a bit of a thicker top line which i'm not a fan of

WailDiagram 23 says:

I slept with mine last night beautiful irons ?

David Ramsay says:

Are these SC's similar to the MP H5's (my current set)?

Kristian Kronholm says:

Lovely clubs will revive mine in the end off this week. Combo set with p-6 mp-18 blade and 5,4 in SC. thanks for the review Mark and thanks mizuno for getting me my irons this quick! ??

Mark Etherington says:

Played the mizuno 850 forged for a couple of years and wanted to upgrade to a blade to hone in on striking the ball well.

Was thinking of doing the mp18 combo set, but when all considered, price, and the aesthetics of the sc I opted for the MP 5 4 – pw.

Sean Mac says:

How much more forgiving are the MMC's compared to the SC MP-18's?

MizunoIronMan says:

Play MP64's at the moment, in all honesty would I notice any difference ? Head says no, devil on the shoulder says you absolutely need these !

Michael Pasvantis says:

You definitely are a Mizuno fan boy…I've seen you review dozens of 6 irons with the same specs only to hear you criticize them for not spinning enough etc. yet somehow the Mizuno performed well? You even managed to convince us how great your toed mishit was. Sorry mate but I'm just not buying what you're saying this time around.

josh Argabright says:

We're ready for the last of the mp 18 reviews. Looking forward to it.

Back9brewer Diamond says:

Daaaaam!!! Those are beautiful clubs. Probably not available in lefty though right??

James Harvey says:

Combo set:- mp-18 PW to 8 then SC 7 to 5, with mmc 4 & 3 and an mmc fli hi 2 iron. (not great with hybrids – always go left on me)

jonathan wright says:

Those are dead sexy.

David Oakes says:

Nice one Mark, they remind me of my old Snake Eyes 600c forged irons from back in the day. I'm sure the grinds etc are quite different, but generally speaking they look very similar. If they play anything like them they will be good clubs. Love a mizuno forged iron, gaming an old set of MP62s at the mo, and I have a set of MX25s in the shed. My local club has a Mizuno fitting/demo day in a few weeks, I may check them out…

Lena Pauwels says:

Interest mean relation slow historical discovery back insist

MrJoshthenosh says:

there is too many nice irons out now! these are amazing, the new tms, ping probably got the best family of its life, the titliest ones look brilliant!

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