Mizuno MP-18 Irons Review By Golfalot

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barney germany says:

yes…split-set is the way.
i'm playing P-8 in blade, 7-4 SC and 3 mmc flyhi.
i'm a 9ner hcp and it works well. softer than my older mp 32 and mp 68. i'm happy with my mp18…fitted with nippon modus 3 105stiff. my clubs for the next 5 jears or longer.

plusfour1 says:

Looking for a driving iron. I've been using the Adams Pro DHY 18 degree which is hybrid-like but the launch is quite high which makes it less than optimal into the wind. I've got my eye on the Fli Hi 2 iron which I hope to try soon. I may add the 3 or 4 depending on how I like them. I'm using the MP-59 3-pw at present which look to me like a former version of the new MP 18 MMC. The alternative is the new Titleist 718 T MB which from reviews looks like a similar club but perhaps higher launching. I have no issue getting the ball in the air, I am a high ball hitter. Thoughts?

Zach Hart says:

I would love those blades G-7 iron and SC 6-4 iron

mik3ad says:

Old school review

ReneFloresVlogs says:

Can i buy those off of you?

TherymasterWidnes says:

Golfalots reviews are so much better than the name dropping Mr Crossfields.

Kye Rowland says:

Great video, Thanks

Joe Pesce says:

OMG! Gosh Dang it!!! I just bought MIzuno JPX clubs 10months ago and now I want those MMC and FLI-HI. Son of Bit#@!!! I'll have to practice tremendous restraint and wait at least a yr….lol. #GOLFPORN #SAMURAISTEEL!

dhsieh911018 says:

you stole that from Mark Crossfield lol

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