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  1. Hi Todd,
    When you teach, your slow motion back swings are different from your actual swing.
    You seem to show alot of torso/hip rotation on your slow motion back swings whereas yourself and moe seem to have very little torso/hip rotation on the way back, it's mostly arms and shoulders.
    (See last show motion swing and actual swing)
    Can you explain this?

  2. Hi Todd, went to the golf range today and love and behold after a half an hour practicing I have found Moe's swing, most importantly the result was constant!
    It was just a simple thing I had been missing out in which torchard me for the first half hour as I hut balls right to left, then realised I was hinging my wrists
    once I stopped that, I was hitting the ball straight AND further than ever, even when I was younger! I have not played golf for over 5 months due to me wife having a stroke, so I have not played golf for all that time, but now she is on the mend am hoping to play next season! I will keep you informed how I do! A BIG THANK YOU to you Todd in turning my golf swing/world around! I am born again as this swing is here forever! I can't thank you and Moe enough, I will spread the word as am sure my golf mates will take notice in what I have become! Many thanks Todd and wish you all the best with your video Channel

  3. There is no doubt Todd you are a great model, God you were at Moe's side for a long time and seen what he was capable of and am sure a lot of folk watching your video's want to do like wise! I have been swinging the golf club for over 45 years in the way all golfers out here have been taught, so to change now to a single plane at our age is pretty hard to do as the brain has been programmed to do it the way we have been swinging for years! So now am trying to swing like Moe and yourself and I have to say am almost there, it;s the position of the club at address that bothers me and am sure others out there are finding this set up different! When I first set up to the single plane and the club head set on the ground two inches behind the ball I would miss or top the ball, but now that I ensure I swing into the ball with my hips and right hand/elbow tucked in I am making great contact, but most times the ball is going right to left as the face of the club is closing on impact! I just wished you had someone over in the UK, better still in Scotland to give out Moe's swing tuition. But I will find it and when I do I will let you know, I watch all your video's and think you are doing a great job in keeping Moe's name a priority in golf, sadly missed and probably never been kissed as he was to busy out on the golf range making a golf swing his bliss, Many thanks Todd!

  4. Ha HA Todd, watching the start of this video up till you said okay, you came across like Donald Trump, sorry, but it was a good impression even though you did not mean too, that made it funnier! keep in mind to okay!

  5. What about equipment? I am assuming you would use the same "palm" grip Norman used. Wouldn't that particular grip necessitate a special lie angle for club head at address? For woods? Irons? Also, according to Norman's history, he adjusted his various clubs to match his swing. No two clubs were identical as far as lie angles were concerned. He wrote that he tweaked (fine tuned) each club for optimum performance. He went on to say he used a vise, a wrench, and 2X4s to bend his clubs.

  6. Is it correct to say that with having 15 degrees of tilt at address position and 20 degrees of tilt at impact you have to come down into impact position. Is this achieved through upper body tilt or knee bend.

  7. Why after you complete your follow through do you go back and point your club at the target. How does this help you with the golf swing. It just seems an extra thing to do.

  8. I recently discovered Moe and his swing. I’ve been watching your videos and even though I am still learning this swing method but applying what I’ve learned I’ve hit the ball straighter and farther than I have in years. I’ve been hitting it more consistent. It’s easier on my lower back and I’ve had a lot more fun playing. I saw a class next month I wish I could attend cause I don’t think I’ll ever go back to a traditional swing. Thanks.

  9. Todd, I am 71 years old and I am going to have my left hip replaced soon. When that happens, I will have both knees and both hips replaced . I also have had back surgery, and am looking for a way to continue playing and not put too much stress on my body. Will this swing model allow me to do that?

  10. I love the single plain golf swing and you do a excellent job with details. But one thing baffles me, why the cast after the swing like Moe? The swing looks great, but that casting of the club at the target after you finish the swing looks goofy. There really is no need for it unless you just want to look like Moe. If you don't do that, the swing looks professional. Maybe it is just me, but when I use the single plain swing I don't feel the need to finish that way. Just saying. Great videos. Would love to come to one of your 5 day clinics.

  11. Todd’s students are tired of playing golf without getting better.
    Now under Todd’s model I went from 18-7 handicap. I shot my best game last
    week…75. I don’t need to see a tour player win (Bryson De Shambeau) to convince me

  12. Just started golfing a couple months when I came across Moe and Todd's YouTube and can now drive a ball in a straight line. ( Most of the time). Before learning the basics of this swing the safest place to stand when I was at the tee was in front of me. I'm lucky in that I don't have to unlearn an established swing. I would like to know if, besides the swing, did Moe's style differ from the classic way irons, putters etc are played? Subscribed.

  13. Todd- u stripe it… u may be right… why don’t you prove this theory and win on the tour- that’s how u convince EVERYONE- u are attempting to convince – this is the WAY to convince us. If you can’t putt or chip- no worries… hit every fairway and every green

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