Mower Ballet at Augusta National

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The mowers move in concert to prepare the course for play.


The BBQ Jerk says:

The Master traditions and rules are old, out dated and racist. This tournament needs to be removed from the schedule and the course needs to be turned into a dog park.

Tanner M says:

Someone spot me about 25k for I can get one of those reel mowers for my company please and thanks.

Try Thinking For a change says:

a bit silly

Jake Hoarston says:

These mowers aren’t the most elegant drives, to be the man cutting the edge of the fairway would be nerve racking.

Dean Yokoyama says:

The fairway mowers are like the blue angels always in formation…. awesome stuff. Wish our course mows like this. Duh not happening anytime soon….

Gabriel Lopez says:

Not one Mexican cutting the grass. Wow. Lol

Shark Tooth says:

Holy Toro land!

stevebrownrocks says:

I live in Augusta, & have been to the course many times. I was in the floorcovering business for years & sold carpet to them several times. I'll say this; if you're a golf fan you should go there at least once. Getting a tournament badge is very difficult, but it's not that hard to get practice rd tickets for Mon or Tues. Wedsday is harder due to the par 3 tournament, & also because Wednesday is when everybody goes to parties so it's more crowded. you will be utterly amazed at the place. You can feel the tradition there. The fairways are like fine carpet, better than the greens at most courses. The greens are immaculate, not a single bit of trash, or bits of wood, leaves, rocks, anything. The flowers make it seem like you're in a huge garden.The thing that got me the most though, is how unbelievably hilly the course is. You can't see it on TV, but from the entrance by the pro shop & concessions at the 1st tee, if you walk all the way to the 12th hole at amen corner it's all downhill. Coming back is all uphill, & will wear you out on the return trip. Go check it out, you won't be disappointed.

Sir Galahad says:

I cannot believe this channel is not filming these videos in 4K. If there is one place on planet earth that we would want to see something in 4K, it's this.

Joshua James says:

Fun fact, the purpose of those hanging tennis balls is for communication between the other operators if there’s a problem. The mowers have hydraulic lines and the fluids will kill grass if spilled. If one of the operators sees a leak they will throw the tennis ball at the operator with the leaky mower and get them to stop.

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