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Jardine Sydney says:

You have to see the swing in slow motion to pick out faults,my own thoughts although you were striking it well most of the time i thought your backswing was too much to the inside and maybe wrists not fully hinged.keep trying you,ll get there.S/J ex pat.

Barry Marmet says:

Hey Liam all said swing changes are a little tiff to make. Your old swing you took your club dead inside and sometimes it look like you got stuck coming back to the ball. Your wider back swing looks better but the finish looks great. Good luck on the swing change. All good things take time. Big B USA

kev Barclay says:

Ur swing is out pick ur arm up at the top liam. Kevin

Anthony Elliott says:

Your issue is you think your crap. I wish I was as good as you. Positive thinking is what you need

Daniel Hatton says:

haah stop using rick in the thumbnail for likes you tit

William Parke says:

love your vlogs liam very entertaining?

Richard Edmondson says:

see our pro at davhulme he brilliant

Richard Edmondson says:

what the course

Justin Case says:

Liam…the worst part of your golf game is all your negativity. If you keep saying that everything is bad and everything is crap then that is exactly what you're going to get. You will get better and better as time goes on BUT YOU'VE GOT TO BE POSITIVE WITH YOUR THINKING!!!! Have fun and enjoy the time that you spend with friends. Keep working diligently on the things that Rick told you to work on. If you want to learn to hinge your wrists in the back swing then take twenty or so minutes a day and work just on the back swing…nothing else. Stay positive Liam, this game is AWESOME but it takes time and patience. Take care buddy….

fezzer says:

What are your shoes mate?

Louis Golf says:

Your mindset is wrong why he so negative your just putting yourself down

mbm deuce says:

you lift your hands right before you start your backswing. i'd recommend trying to find a different trigger to initiate backswing… just my opinion

Jordan Hazell says:

Has your coach said anything about your high handle at impact?

Andrew Royle says:

It's a good job you can put Liam

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