My Best Golf This Year 👍PGA Lancashire Open Review – Lancaster Golf Club

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My Best Golf This Year 👍PGA Lancashire Open Review – Lancaster Golf Club – Really happy with my performance in this 36 hole tournament at Lancaster Golf Club + I played with the winner.

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Dutch Golfer says:

Nice, good to see you trending upwards 🙂

Dylan Miller says:

Keep up the great play Pete!

Pedro says:

Great playing! Sill using the cobra one lengths?

Dave Allen says:

Well played Pete!

Scott deluca says:

Great video Pete! Only 38 subscribers to go!!!! Congrats! I can’t wait

Michael says:

Keep UP on the short game! Bump & run like Bubba then 1-2 putt. That’s the only way as long as you are normal GIR.

Kev Hardwill says:

Well played on your quest, can you please advise me with what your using to record your stats? Just trying to find a good system to use. I suspect you have recorded something I may just have missed it. Keep up the great work. 👍

G BC says:

You’ll get there Pete no question .. positive focus without pressure is the key ..I’ve been trying this approach for a while now and on Friday when I played I was 4 over on the front nine.. didn’t let it get to me ,in fact the reverse happened and I had 6 birdies on the back 9 to finish 2 under gross … now that may sound ok for a pro.. but I’m 51 with a dickie shoulder and I play off 10… if I can do it…..😉

Dale Collins says:

Good job Pete!

bascet1 says:

As professional golfers, how come you and Rick don't compete in the Euro Pro tour or Challenge Tour? The Euro Pro was on Sky sports recently and you two are easily as good as the guys on there. Is it an economic reason? Sponsorship? Always wondered why your not on tour. Cheers from a Fellow Didsburyite! Not sure that's the correct terminology!!!

bascet1 says:

Haven't you just been transferred to AC Milan??? Great effort Pete.

Chris Tian says:

Nice round summary! I am facing the same issues with my mental game at the moment .. just at another level … Obviously 😂

As you mentioned this is your biggest challenge right now would be great to also create some content about this. Especially for situations in a tournament … Cheers

Vic Elvidge says:

Well done, good scores

ReggieWHUFC says:

Looking a little Michelle Wie esc with the putter there finchy hahaa
Its nice to hear you talking positive about your golf and looks like you played well, keep it up

Colin Vineberg says:

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Steve Ellis says:

Love these vids ! Keep it up Pete!

Paul Mellish says:

Peter do you think a cadide, even if it's just a mate, would help you stay more focussed. Maybe just more mentally attuned. Literally just carrying the bag.

Greg Williams says:

Brilliant Pete, it really shows your game is improving! Well played!

Brendan Hanley says:

Well done mate, birdie King!

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