Do golf clubs wear out?

GOLFTEC VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, talks about how the different types of golf clubs tend to wear out over time and when he recommends to replaced your clubs to get the most out of every club in your bag. Learn more at:

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5 thoughts on “Do golf clubs wear out?

  1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that this information is coming from a club seller. Sure no problem. The new ones are only $600. I'm watching this in 2022. I just took my Cleveland Classic driver to Edwin Watts. It's about 10 years old. I hit it about 240-250 on good strikes on Trackman or whatever their simulator thing is called. I'm 58 years old. Guess how far I hit the new ones?? Good strikes were 245-255. Dispersion was about the same. I'll keep my money and my old Cleveland Classic. I feel pretty good about that distance at 58. LOL

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