My Game: Tiger Woods – Episode 1: My Practice

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In the debut episode of My Game: Tiger Woods, the 15-time major champion takes you behind the scenes of his practice routine and reveals how it has changed as his career has evolved. To watch the full My Game: Tiger Woods 12-part series (episode 2 is streaming now), visit:
Golf Digest: (U.S.)
GOLFTV: (Outside of U.S.)


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RB M says:

Episode 2 please.

Ken Pappas says:

Why the tape on finger?

J DB says:

thank you. at the certainty of seeming insane, if there is ever any way you think i could be of any assistance or help in any way, im right down the road.

take care and thank you.

jigarzasu says:

Yeah I see windows too, except these windows break when my ball goes through them!

Mike Christie says:

Simply the Best! To me he made golf cool.

jcman240 says:

Tiger is the most famous athlete of all time . With golf being a global game, he is just under POTUS in terms of worldwide fame

Truth Seeker says:

Tiger literally owns golf. He has no reason to be playing except that he loves the game. Dude is a legend up there with Jones, Palmer & Nicklaus.

Ronnie North says:

Jack nicklaus won more majors than tiger and played way less golf.

Ronnie North says:

People watching this just wish they could get time off work to play twice a month.

Anu Sharma says:

Am I the only one who feels "15" hasn't quite sunk in yet, and keep thinking "14"

Robert Daniels says:

I pray golf god goes further cause he must. not just the greatest………but you cant see me

John Thompson says:

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Joseph Lee says:

Why a driver sound with a long iron hit

Beth Baikan says:

You are the very best there is.

Aj Massey says:

Than you tiger for filming this series. Always wanted an insight to his method.

Lama 67 says:

6:12 and 6:24 I CANT believe they dubbed in a wood sound while he was hitting an iron.

renata carelli says:

Tiger is fantastic!

TeddyCavachon says:

I learned the game in the 1980s using “Golf My Way” by Nicklaus but didn’t play regularly until I retired in 2007 when I found Tiger’s 2001 book “How I Play Golf”. It was the first book I had read which had stop action photos from three different directions of his swing with different clubs. They became my roadmap for understanding where my hands and clubhead should be in 3D space at every point it the swing which made me realize all off my swing flaws.

Kicking World says:

This was awesome

Mark Waters says:

Get it in the hole if you know what I mean

SWP 215 says:

When Tiger's career is over, there will be an EPIC movie made about his life.

Gabe Schaffer says:

Wish I had the whole range to myself

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