My Top 10 Disc Golf Essentials | TEAM INFINITE DISCS

Do you have certain items that you would consider to be essential for you on the course? As in if you didn't have it with you, you'd feel a little lost/uncomfortable during the round? Who knew that disc golf could involve so much more than just discs?!

In this video, I break down my top 10 essentials for a tournament round. Some of these are more crucial than others, but nonetheless, they all have their purpose!

What are your essentials on the course? Let me know down below!


Whale Sacs:
KT Tape:
Infinite Microfiber Towel:
The North Face shoes:
Body Wipe:
Liquid Skin:

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5 thoughts on “My Top 10 Disc Golf Essentials | TEAM INFINITE DISCS

  1. Body wipes is a first! Totally ordered some! I’d say an essential for me is my flightowel. It’s so helpful for warming up/stretching, and it helps remind me mid round to get that snap back on drives!

  2. Chap stick sometimes makes that list for me. A disc retriever just made my list and I used it twice in my last tourney. Once for someone on my card. In the spring time a rain jacket, water proof or water resistant pants and… gaiters!

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