5 RANDOM Stores That Sell CHEAP GOLF GEAR!! (Crazy Deals and Waffle House!)

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In this golf vlog we head to 5 RANDOM Stores That Sell CHEAP GOLF GEAR!! Will this gear help reduce my handicap? Did we find an expensive scotty cameron putter? No but we did find some of the cheapest golf equipment deals I have seen in a minute! The cheapest golf shoes we found Tiger Woods golf shoes for only $25! The cheapest golf balls? The cheapest golf clubs? We sure did find some funny golf things too! Will any make them in my next WITB? Well, let's find out!

Whats in the bag :

Driver: https://ebay.to/2Vk3djA
3 Wood: https://ebay.to/2PRmumr
Utility Iron: https://ebay.to/2DStXgi
Irons: https://ebay.to/2YajnJ3
Gap Wedge: https://ebay.to/2Y5epgE
Sand Wedge: https://ebay.to/2Y5epgE
Lob Wedge: https://ebay.to/2VKrBu5
Putter: https://ebay.to/2H5tKIB

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Jim Miller says:


Outdoor Outfitters 365 says:

Great video! Nice selection as well. Thank you.

Alisio's Adventure says:

Dude ballist point! So disappointed they stopped making bonito pale ale. One of my favs

Floyd Cauley says:

Leopard print for sure ! She could bring back in style! John no way?

Jeff Jewkes says:

Love Waffle House need it to come to Canada

s. stoll says:

Greetings from Fort Wayne.

Scott Wright says:

Take off the shades

CallMeFrog 7 says:

Hafafafashahsa till it’s cooled down enough to eat 😂🤣😂🤣

Michael Campbell says:

What’s up with the sun glasses at Waffle House? 😀

Andy Sandoval says:

Sorry guys I'm going to disagree Stain Mart is pretty cool. I like all the Greg Norman stuff.

Andy Sandoval says:

You should get the cheetah outfit!!!!!

Chandler Larsen says:

Y’all look goofy asl dressed for the course

Joel Copeland says:

One of the best grilled chicken sandwiches you can eat is the one at Waffle House.

Andrew Wolf says:

i think it’s funny how when Ash says “Holes in one” it’s sounds funny and incorrect. But reality is it’s correct, the golfers of the world who say “How many hole in ones do you have” are actually incorrect lol Go Ashley ! A + for english and grammar! lol

Glenn R. says:

Those Tiger Woods shoes looked like they were made from a rubber boot.

robs3321 says:

Def the leopard challenge.

Brian McPeake says:

Nice touch John getting the door for Ash! Pro tip: use the reverse blow when you need to cool down that 🔥.

The Zohan says:

Found my new drinking video! Take a shot for everytime they say golf!

The Artfull Golfer says:

Leapard outfit + "Tiger" Shoes = Golf in style.

James Moores says:

John Ashley would look great in any thing she is wearing 😁👍❤️

Jeffrey L says:

Ashley asked him to raise the bowl as face was burning off.

Aussie Golfer says:

Ashley you should have bought the suit for fun , would have looked great on the range lol

Patrick Hull says:

Dude resembles Hank Williams JR with the shades. Does he not?

puttputt524 says:

Tiger used really uncomfortable gear. He needs to go back to oversized polos, straw hats and golf shorts.

Chance Holton says:

The first thrift store episode.. look how far you guys are gone


Ashley could rock a potato sack and look great.. That cheeta print tho.. wow..

Jeff P says:

Waffle house is the worst

matt smith says:

why do yall park so far from the front door?

matt smith says:

Dude their grits are always piping hot!

Jerry Daniels says:

Could I suggest that when shopping in a sketchy neighborhood, park closer to the store. Not way out in the far reaches of the lot. 😄 Or, are you just trying to get your steps in following that breakfast?

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