My TOP 5 DRIVERS Of 2022

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I run through my top 5 golf drivers of 2022 based on my personal choices as well as custom fitting results from club golfers in the studio here at Penrith Golf Club.

TaylorMade Stealth, Mizuno ST220, Cobra LTDx, Callaway Rogue ST, Ping G425, Titleist TSR, Wilson D9, Srixon ZX5 ZX7, PXG.

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16 thoughts on “My TOP 5 DRIVERS Of 2022

  1. Hi Michael, I'm based in Carlisle haven't played for months, so I'm joining a club ASAP. My question is I have a Nike covert driver from brand new. Its showing its age I reckon now. Struggles to alter the threads I think are bust. I'd love a driver lesson with all the new drivers or whatever was recommended to me to see the difference between the covert and newer clubs. I'm also wristy so lose distance with irons and driver

  2. When it’s about bottom line numbers, dispersion , feel, distance are 1,2,3 so Ping’s 425 Max des require a learning curve on noise and setup BUT once you have a routine the sound is musical feedback that you will cherish. So; my 2023 objective is to dust off my 425 and get loud!

  3. TSR3 was my choice as well, sold the Stealth plus and haven't looked back. Minor note but hated not being able to see the ball mark on the red face and just had a hard time keeping it in the fairway despite shaft changes.

  4. I hit em all, and will no question keep my zx7 driver in the bag …so much adjustment options with 0 complication, highest ball speeds and most accurate driver i swung

  5. Tsr 2 to me is perfection. Had it for couple of months and changed my driving completely long forgiving and finding lots and lots of fairways.. I've played taylormade past 2 generations sim 2 max was a fantastic driver , stealth I just couldn't get along with it huge drop off on distance, I can't wait to check out the ping 3 wood in g430 I currently have g410 love it but would like an extra few yards

  6. Playing with fire there, a bit of time dedicated to “excusing” the TM’s scoring – we all know the fanboy reactions you’re going to get.

  7. Yes the big names need to be mentioned to appeal to a wider audience, the Tour Edge C722 deserves a mention but not likely a popular choice….however it’s in my bag and out performing the others. Great year of videos and looking forward to your content in 2023!

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