RANKING all time BEST to WORST Drivers!?

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Today we take a look at the biggest name drivers in the world of golf and which ones were the best and which were the worst!?

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Alex Laing says:

Titleist 975D
Ping TiSi
Callaway ERC

Jeb Fisher says:

I play the Mizzy ST200 driver and I'm a big fan; great looking, easy to hit, sounds good (and the headcover is a beauty). But, I wanted to mention the Callaway Diablo Edge (which is priobably 13 years old now). I played it for years and it was just a BEAST. I swear – if your swing is halfway decent, you can mash with it. Ultra forgiving. I bet it'd hang with any of the top technology today.

Ian says:

Can you do a comparison between the 2007 Burner driver and the current Stealth? I traded some newer drivers for my old burner because it goes so well. Thanks.

shayne svenson says:

Taylormade R1 should be in the great or legend section.

Bradโ€™s Crazy LIFE says:

Still game 910 D2

Kelley Whitehurst says:

F9 is a LEGEND for sure! I love it.

Sam Johnson says:

i recently "downgraded" from a SIM2 to a 07 Burner it doesnt go as far, but it just doesnt miss. i will take 230 yards in the middle of the fairway over 260 behind a tree or in someone else's cart two fairways over any day of the week

Hobby Witch says:

Nike SQ I think it doesnt rubbish It's around good to great๐Ÿ˜…

Martin G says:

I had the Bertha before carbon ,couldn't hit it

Brett LaBelle says:

Totally agree on your Radspeed ranking. It's the poorest performing driver I've bought in the past several years, my 18(?) year old G5 is better in every way.

Keegan McCaskey says:

I still hit the Callaway FTi square head and can confirm that it makes such a weird noise when I hit it. Lots of weird looks from people when they hear it lol

metalgearfan says:

I almost kind of feel like the square SQ drivers were made to appeal to that younger generation that grew up watching Tiger and started getting into golf. I remember really wanting the square SQ driver when I was younger, lmao.

John Anderson says:

SLDR is pure rubbish. Never been so disappointed with a driver.

sumdum guy says:

OG Big Bertha??

C J 21868 says:

Golfing Channels To Watch –

LEGEND – Rick Shiels
GREAT – Peter Finch
GOOD – Padraig Harrington's Tips
POOR – Saguto Golf

My List ๐Ÿ˜€

Aaa Bbb says:

Good and interesting video. A couple of suggestions. 1. A text list would be good. 2. This is a great historical guide, what I hoped for was a ranked 2nd hand buying guide – ie some reference to cost / availability.

Thomas Mikel says:

I still think the Titleist 983k was the best driver ever made.

JDDD33 says:

just picked up and ST190 for 110 pounds / 135USD, is this good ?

Davazz says:

Having played most top drivers over 30 years – one stands apart by far : GGB EPIC

Honkerh8r says:

Although it's from a different era, the original Big Bertha with the Warbird sole should be in the driver hall of fame.

J-sammy S says:

Still gaming the 2016 M2 and love it! Might get fitted for a new shaft but what a good club.

Marc Renz says:

C4 was my favourite driver of all time. I could hit 90% of fairways. Not the longest but easy to hit and easy to line up. Wish I still had it. Then Calaway great big birthday.

wrath646 says:

g400 max not legend? wow!

Stephen DiBari says:

I had an F9 driver. Awesome driver. My 2016 M2 is still in my bag since 2021. Refitted 2x for shafts last year and it might be out of my bag soon after I get custom fit for TSR2 next month.
M2 has been amazing. Feel/sound is great. They were so ahead of their time with this design

Chris Kubond says:

I use the Nike covert 2.0 tour and love it. Don't feel like my game is good enough to spend the money on a new driver or anything else really

waalldderi says:

i actually liked the nike sq ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nate_Feag says:

Freddy Couples gamed one of those square ones for awhile and straight up piped it

awsedr122 says:

Original SIM is a legendary driver ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿผ

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