24 thoughts on “TEE PEG HACK I USE WITH DRIVER! Always find the CENTRE #golfswing #golf #golftips #golfcoach #tips

  1. the deeper i get into the round i find myself shuffling a couple millimeters further and further from the ball at setup and then end up "reaching" with the duck hook. Gonna try this, thanks!

  2. Wow that's actually a pretty good tip. I myself do not have this problem but one of my co-workers has such a bad fade it's basically a hook/slice. Maybe this could help. Who am I getting nothing's going to help his golf game

  3. Missing the center of the club face doesn’t have as great an impact as people believe, especially with new tech. Path and face angle are the two factors that really matter for most golfers.

  4. Hitting it off the toe does not create a "super duck hook". A toe shot will create draw spin due to the gear effect, but a duck hook is an entirely different problem.

  5. What if I heel it half the time and toe it the other half? Should I place 3 tees on the ground and then aim for the middle one, which is what I should do if I only place 1 tee?

  6. I just put the tee peg in the ground. Then I put the golf ball on the tee peg. Then I line up the middle of my club face with the gol ball. Then I hit the golf ball. Then I pick up the tee peg. Then I got to where my ball landed and hit it again. I do this on each of the 18 holes…in consecutive order, of course. Hope this helps.

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