Myrtle Beach Kings North Golf Course

Myrtle Beach Kings North Golf Course with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru and Rory from YourGolfTravel. The guys play around this stunning USA golf course in Myrtle Beach. With tree lined fairways and water hazards this is a stunning golf course for all standard of golfers.

47 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Kings North Golf Course

  1. Puma used to attract me as a customer back when just cool guys like Fowler
    were wearing it. But I mean… it’s a good thing to see someone not so cool
    like Mark wearing it and being still ok in it. So it fits very distinct
    kinds of people. :P. Nice vid by the way.

  2. Hi mark I’m 16 years of age and currently of a 18 handicap I don’t not
    struggle finding the green. However I really struggle with putting any tips
    on getting it in the hole

  3. 100% correct Crossfield. As a greenkeeper I can vouch for you, filling
    divots is better that replacing the turf. Usually next time the fairway
    mower passes by the divot will lift and be destroyed by the mower. A fill
    bag or dispenser that you have are a must for any golfer. 

  4. Guys I was playing matchplay with my friend and I hit my shot out of bounds
    on a par 5 that hole my friend and I both made 7 but he said that since I
    hit my shot OB I automatically lose the hole is that legit???

  5. Hey Mark, love your videos man, saw that youre at Kings North, ive got a
    sports bar about 25 minutes south of there called Brewski’s in Surfside
    Beach. Id love to treat to to some dinner and golf talk! 

  6. I was in Myrtle Beach last week! Guess I just missed you, Crossfield!
    Myrtle Beach National has 2 great 18s, glad to see you played it. Hopefully
    you had a chance to play”The Grandaddy” Pine Lakes too.

  7. If the course you’re playing has seed bottles on the cart, use them. That
    means the type of grass on the course won’t regrow if you replace the
    divot. But if you’re on Kentucky Bluegrass, for example, like we have here
    in the Midwest of the US, the divot will re-root.. 

  8. Nice course, nice weather, nice golf, nice vlog, nice hat. It looks like
    Rory’s swing has improved. Looks very good, very smooth! Well done.

  9. Played MBN Kings North last year on a guys weekend trip. I’ve been watching
    your videos for a while now. Pretty cool to see you play a course where I
    recognize the holes. Keep up the videos “mate”. Glad to see Rory’s Master’s
    “swag” and hope “y’all” had fun in the south. Hit em straight 

  10. Mark, playing Sawgrass when I am in Florida in July, Silver Anniversary
    present from wife…..any tips as you have played the Stadium Course?

  11. Mark, my parents are retired in Myrtle Beach. Dad works at Long Bay. It’s
    a Jack Nicklaus signature course. Next time your over here say hello!

  12. Stunning course. One of the best since remedy. Good to see rory back. How
    come you didnt repair your pitch with your augusta pitch repair like #brick

  13. so mark was your trip just for the practice days? you didnt actually get in
    to watch any of the tournament? that must have been so

  14. I can’t believe you didn’t replace your divot on the fairway! Why didn’t
    you just throw down a damn banana peel and be done with it? HAHAHA! Just
    joking you Mark. Keep up the good work ;)

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