Golf impacts – Slow motion video

Best viewed in high quality

A sequence of high speed videos recorded by the Biomechanics team at Manchester Metropolitan University to demonstrate the impact between club and ball.

Frame rate: 12,000 frames/second

Sequence order:

Sand wedge
9 Iron
7 Iron
5 Iron
3 Iron

Cameras: Photron Fastcam

7 thoughts on “Golf impacts – Slow motion video

  1. Interesting isnt it how on the putter the ball doesnt bite off the putter face causing topspin. That's why putters such as scottie camerons have a milled face to promote topspin as soon as contact is made with the ball

  2. every club imparts some back spin onto the golf ball. The putter, being the least lofted club in your bag, gives the least amount, so for the split second the ball is in the air, the ball just travels straight. It isn't until the ball touches the ground that it starts to roll.

  3. I think a lot of golfers place their ball too heigh on the tee. In this video the ball is hit perfectly with the driver but I still think it's safer to put the tee just a tiny little bit deeper in the ground so the ball meets the driver face perfectly in the centre.

    Thanks for these great posts Biomechanics!

  4. Nice video.

    The 1st shot looks like a "lob" or "pitch" shot.

    The 2nd and 3rd ones looks like a "slice".

    The 4th should be a "straight" one.

    The 5th looks like a "hook" or "low punch".

    The sliding of the ball off the putter face is pretty impressive.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. this is good for new golfers to understand the difference between the different clubs. there's been countless times where people i've been teaching just coudlnt get it into their head why if your ball gets lots of height, it doesnt go very far 😛 (granted they werent the smartest people in the world.. :P)

    lol @ the putter too ^_^

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