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Insu 백인수 says:

Anyone compared this to the ping G??

Kit Cat says:

How is the lie angle? Last year's m2 was sooo upright

Malcolm A. says:

Looks a pretty damn fine club to me.
Loved the review as always – no dodgy editing or the like.

Jordan Graf says:

ive broken 3 of these clubs so far, going with the fourth cause i like it so much

Callum Emery says:

Rick is undergoing swing changes in order to try and become a better golfer, why are people constantly moaning? What is wrong with that?
-If he didn't try something new after his performance at last years QFTO then people would moan.
-If he kept his old swing and over-drew everything to the left then people would moan.
-If he stopped doing club reviews for a whole year while he undergoes swing changes in order to not hit a few bad shots on camera, then people would moan.
Like Rick always says, he is a PGA Coaching Professional, not a playing professional. What do people expect, him to hit it dead straight with a perfect swing every time? Everyone is human.
People need to just stop being judgemental, enjoy the content he produces, and if a product review means that much to you, then go out and try it yourself rather than sit on your arse watching other kids hit it.

b10rain says:

Rick. With your new swing, you will have a tendency to hit down to steep while swinging left and get the high right ball with woods off the deck. You'll try and correct/revert back to old swing and they go left.Stick with the new swing and don't go left unless you mean to. Simply keep the clubhead lower for longer on the take away and it'll help with the steep angle of attack, giving more time through impact and keeping back spin down.Cheers!From Texas.

Pb3X says:

Have to add in… It isn't "unsymmetrical" it's Asymmetrical. LOL

George Petrou says:

i find this club is EXTREMELY forgiving. toe hits and heels hits still travel far! very little loss of distance. DRAW BIAS without being too draw bias like a hybrid. can cure a slice to a fade and a fade to a straight shot. id say 5yards of draw bias – perfect amount 🙂
and with its new inverted cone technology – first wood to have it – you can easily see the technology come shinning through

metamurph says:

I like the M1 look better from top just smaller looks better from the deck. And last year's did look better underneath. Like last year's M2 Driver, M1 FW and I prefer their sound

jerry mccauley says:

Cobra F7 3w or M2 3w?

Ben Clabaugh says:

love how predictable your videos are. if I want to skip the info and mumbo jumbo stuff, I fast forward to 2:15 every time and it's usually when the prov1 is lined up ready to be hit. lol. great review btw.

RequiemDead says:

I see that GC Quad hanging around there. When is that bad boy coming out to play?!

Thomas James says:

I've always struggled with hitting fairway woods but I had a fitting for one of these and it absolutely flies. I had my heart set on an F7 but it didn't quite work for me. Sorry Rick.

Matt Leader says:

Looks cheap to me. Can't argue with the ball speed off the face though.

cusekeep23 says:

MG wedge review???

CMBelite-FR says:

I get 158-162 mph ball speed with my m1 17 deg hybrid lol, I don t think that 157 mph with a fairway wood is fast lol but still love your review though 🙂

Tomsawyer1111 says:

Ricks on a Reminission!! Wonderful 🙂

sasquatchtour says:

Can you review the M1 440 please.

HLD_GOLF 01 says:

Rick, you need to start hitting a baby draw again. Great video as always though.

Matthew Johnson says:

I have played taylormade products for many years and the m2 line has not impressed me

Adam Kilby says:

Looking for a new driver and I like the calaway xr driver and the epic which one would you say is the most forgiving and which one will have the best distance in your opinion

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