The Fastest Hole of Golf – Guinness World Records 2017

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seahawksfan2323 BlahBlah says:

Why do people from france laugh so much

FormulaRogue says:

3:27 it sounded like a hit marker lol

Luke Eichstedt says:

The best golfer hits it in the water

Gerard Way says:

i have come to the conclusion that buddy celebratory is not their thing

Nic says:

I wish this is what golf was like all of the time.

iWearCapeIRL says:

Denmarks first dude picked up the peg. Spains first player threw away the driver.
The contrast.

B4 freedomfighter says:

Not bad, but… I killed a dothraki blood rider in single combat

Cuseball121 says:

As a Tiger fan it made me so happy to see Sergio fuck up.

Brett O'Berry says:

Nice job Team France!

Matthew Chastain says:

Bullshit. Obviously the fasted hole of golf is a hole in one.

RJRacers says:

1:30 most awkward celebration ever

Dyarx says:

On est les meilleurs 😀 !

scrammy69 says:

this should be called "Awkward White Guy Celebrations".

markus hofer says:

France wins!

BiG JuiCe says:

Try next time with all them drinking a beer!?

Emiliano Nuñez Irias says:

Jensen taked to much time

Zoom Productions says:

Wouldn't a hole in one beat this record easily

bebo7002 says:

i bet brandt snedeker a
can do it in 30 flat

2eelShmeal says:

Congratulations boys, you're the last Frenchmen who will look French!

slappy0077 says:

stupid pointless

Kebert Xela says:

I was thoroughly disappointed shortly into this video when I found out they were playing in teams and not just a guy sprinting to his ball after each hit.

Sara Rucker says:

That's so ?

Josh and Ben Litty says:

Wouldn't the fastest hole of golf be a hole in ine

FreezinFury says:

After the game all 12 men went through the Guinness adjudicator hard bodied. She was seen later looking like a plasterers radio . Allegedly

Balys says:

such cringe celebrations…

The Nerdy Akki says:

This may be the only time golf actually looks like a sport.

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