The Fastest Hole of Golf – Guinness World Records 2017

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Sergio Garcia hosts as Spain, France and Denmark try to break the Guinness World Records title for the Fastest hole of golf by a team of four.

Filmed on the par five fourth hole ahead of the Real Club Valderrama Open de España.

Featuring Sergio Garcia and 11 other European Tour stars.

Behind The Scenes video:

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seahawksfan2323 BlahBlah says:

Why do people from france laugh so much

FormulaRogue says:

3:27 it sounded like a hit marker lol

Luke Eichstedt says:

The best golfer hits it in the water

Gerard Way says:

i have come to the conclusion that buddy celebratory is not their thing

Nic says:

I wish this is what golf was like all of the time.

iWearCapeIRL says:

Denmarks first dude picked up the peg. Spains first player threw away the driver.
The contrast.

B4 freedomfighter says:

Not bad, but… I killed a dothraki blood rider in single combat

Cuseball121 says:

As a Tiger fan it made me so happy to see Sergio fuck up.

Brett O'Berry says:

Nice job Team France!

Matthew Chastain says:

Bullshit. Obviously the fasted hole of golf is a hole in one.

RJRacers says:

1:30 most awkward celebration ever

Dyarx says:

On est les meilleurs 😀 !

scrammy69 says:

this should be called "Awkward White Guy Celebrations".

markus hofer says:

France wins!

BiG JuiCe says:

Try next time with all them drinking a beer!?

Emiliano Nuñez Irias says:

Jensen taked to much time

Zoom Productions says:

Wouldn't a hole in one beat this record easily

bebo7002 says:

i bet brandt snedeker a
can do it in 30 flat

2eelShmeal says:

Congratulations boys, you're the last Frenchmen who will look French!

slappy0077 says:

stupid pointless

Kebert Xela says:

I was thoroughly disappointed shortly into this video when I found out they were playing in teams and not just a guy sprinting to his ball after each hit.

Sara Rucker says:

That's so ?

Josh and Ben Litty says:

Wouldn't the fastest hole of golf be a hole in ine

FreezinFury says:

After the game all 12 men went through the Guinness adjudicator hard bodied. She was seen later looking like a plasterers radio . Allegedly

Balys says:

such cringe celebrations…

The Nerdy Akki says:

This may be the only time golf actually looks like a sport.

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