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  1. You can buy this set for under $200 bucks. It's called the Big Bertha Fusion. Looks likes nothing more than a spruced up looking version of the Fusion to me. I'd love to see a video comparing the two.

  2. This is a dangerous road that these manufacturers are going down. The future of golf is in danger because they will use these models to justify the increase on their other models in the long run

  3. Got to be honest, you might shouldn't have published this video. Gonna get accused of sandbagging with this review. You are about to go to qualifying in a few weeks, and hit iron shots like this.

  4. I'll be honest, after seeing this review the 2015 XR's are probably just as good if not better for distance and forgiveness. Rick absolutely killed those things and his reaction was priceless.

    Looks like Callaway pulled a Taylormade and decided to overcharge on half truths and fake carbon fiber inserts. Sad.

  5. Hey, Rick. Have you thought about bending the 'strong lofted irons' to standard lofts and see how they perform? I do realise that you can just play an 8 iron as a 7 etc. What are they like in true lofts? I would be interested in that review! The obvious lack of workability due to extreme forgiveness won't be there, but they may spin similar to true lofts? I am interested to hear your thoughts on this. Cheers

  6. Fixation on lofts doesn't make sense.  The Epic Pro 7i averaged a higher launch and the same peak height than the FG Tour V6 despite the much lower loft. 
    IMO the only performance issue here is the low spin.  Only guys who launch the ball really high will find 4-5000 rpm on a 7i playable.

  7. So Callaway has released a set of iron from 2i to 9i (strong lofts) that don't spin enough for the average player to hold greens. Now mid to high handicappers will need 4 wedges (48, 52, 56 and 60) to fill in the gap under the PW so in essence you have a standard set anyway.

    Don't be fooled people. These companies aren't making longer irons, they are just bumping the number on the sole up a couple of clubs. You can see by Ricks dispersion of the shots with the 7 iron (and he is a Pro!!!). Hitting any club around the 190-200y distance is going to be tough. Whether it says 7 or 5 on the sole it makes no difference.

  8. Keep your current clubs spend the 2,000 on lessons. This high priced club fad is a joke. Haven't seen anyone improve their game significantly with equipment.

  9. I did my own testing on trackman with the same shaft and had results that were about the same as my apex 7 iron, however, when I changed the shaft to another project x lz I gain about 10 yards. The ball flight and spin rate were much better and you could throw a blanket over were the shots landed. I feel Rick did a good job in the rating but shafts with spin change do change the performance.

  10. Seriously, Rick? The standard Epics start at $2000 a set. Then add your hybrids. For that price, they'd better make me swing and play like Lydia Ko. But they won't because we know you can't buy a swing. So no thanks, I'll pass on these. I'll keep my 4 year old Cobras. I doubt the technology in these will help my game that much.

  11. i think they look awful- really cheap looking in my opinion
    and if i had the money i would not buy these- if had money would go out and buy ben hogens or something but
    but ugly irons

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