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PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels reviews the LATEST COBRA ONE LENGTH F8 IRONS using GCQuad and Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls!

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Stephen Davies says:

one length irons a re a brilliant idea.

Jonathan Worthy says:

Hi Rick do you have any aspirations to try the Edel one length out? I believe this is a far superior premium offering from the guys who made bdc’s original set(s)?

nigel brooks says:

Firstly been watching your channel forever and the content is still first class, with regards to the one length the jury is still out I feel the benefits for a higher handicap player are lots a lower handicap player I feel would also benefit due to their skill ie striking and shot shaping.Would love to see your mate Rob having a go cheers.

Richard Wood says:

Rick how do you numbers of F8 compare to the F7?

Benjamin Toups says:

Wonder if you can get the gray insert with the one length

Benjamin Toups says:

Think it’s the Blue in it. The gray look awesome.

Devin Jones says:

I love the way you say chunky lol ??

rlong13 says:

Really for hackers like most of us it’s worth losing a couple yards on the long irons to make it easier to hit. My flight is different on every swing I have. Lol

Rich Coughlan says:

Been waiting for this review…..

Bill Kendall says:

And let's bear in mind, these clubs a re not designed for the better player. but for most of us weekend warriors.

Bill Kendall says:

Be interesting to compare these to last year's model

Bill Kendall says:

I have last year's One Length and i play all the shots from the 7iron ball position. That's what they are designed for. The flight on the 4 iron is a little lower than a "normal" 4 iron flight but not terribly so. If I need a higher flighted shot i pull the hybrid and choke down. I like the consistency in ball position and the results. Recommend at least giving them a go

Fore to Four Golf says:

would this not just translate to a closer grouping of yardages, which some golfers might like because they aren't hitting half or hard shots for those flags in between their 7 and 8 iron number for example?

John Davis says:

I have tried them yesterday. They are definitely not a good distance iron. The carry distance was within 10 yards but 5 iron rolled out more compared to the 7 iron. I tried 7,6&5 irons

Dev Buck says:

"The concept with these is to play the same ball position as a 7 iron, but I'm not going to do that with the 5 iron because I dont want to give an honest try so I will proceed to move the ball forward, get thin contact resulting in low flight and a dropoff in carry then will go on to complain about that and how I don't think these work well."

C'mon Rick. That's like you testing a driver but not using a tee and ragging on it for poor performance. Use the tool as intended.

Kevin Wilkinson says:

Hi Rick , any plans to do the new F-max one length irons ?

Abhishek Agrawal says:

Hi Rick, I have been using the f7 one length irons for the past 4 months… my handicap is 14 and I personally have seen a vast improvement in my game due to these irons… I whole heartedly recommend these irons to anyone with 10 plus handicap…. these irons make life much easier though one can avoid gap and sand wedges in the one length configuration as I don’t use them also and prefer normal length sand wedge

Matthew McCarty says:

Send them to me and I’ll try them out. Great videos. You save my game.

Richard Argent says:

More boring American crap clubs

Johnny Apple Seed says:

Rick, do you realize that you said you don't want to play "controlled golf"……

Look, I get it……you don't like the ball flight. Can't blame you for that…

However, for most of the general golfing public, controlled ball flight and straightened, forgiving shots are the most important aspect of potentially enjoying a round of golf.

If these clubs deliver in that respect, then give them their due acknowledgment…..

Mark Blankenship says:

I had the Exact problem you showcased with the longer and shorter irons. Small gaps. I had high hopes.

Paul Dummett says:

Hi Rick, I like the idea. I struggle to get height on my longer irons as I hit down too much would the shorter shaft on these help?? I play off 14 and would be happy to test them out for you lol… If my shirt irons are playing well the longer ones are bad and vice versa..could they set up 3 different lengths for say Sand, gap pitch…then 9,8,7 And then 6,5,4 ????? Cheers live the reviews and tips keep up the good work ?

Ben Thompson says:

R u going to do Christmas giveaways again

Raymond Yadusky says:

You sound like an old man complaining about modern times.

Matthew Johnson says:

How about mixing the two

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