NEW GOLF RULES 2019 | The 20 Most Important CHANGES

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Summary of the 20 most important rules changes for 2019.

As of 2019, new golf rules apply worldwide. It is the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 years. This easy-to-understand video gives you a clear overview of the changes so that you can benefit from all the simplifications and new relief procedures.
Yves C. Ton-That, referee and author of the bestseller “Golf Rules Quick Reference” which has sold more than 1.5 million copies, guides you through all the changes. The rules expert's explanations are based on the “New Rules of Golf for 2019” as published by the USGA and R&A in March 2018.

If you think these changes are hard to remember, please check out “Golf Rules Quick Reference 2019” which contains a summary of these changes as well as all other applicable rules. If you take the practical pocket book with you on your round, you don’t have to know the rules off by heart as you’ll be able to answer all rules questions in a matter of seconds.

The most popular book about the rules of golf (1.5 million copies sold): “Golf Rules Quick Reference 2019”

The virtual golf referee for your iPhone: “iGolfrules” by EXPERT GOLF

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EXPERT GOLF (formerly has made it its mission to make your golfing life as simple as possible so that you can concentrate fully on your game. For more than 20 years, the company has been the global market leader in the field of rules books — it was the first company which managed to explain the official rules of golf in an easy-to-understand way. The books have won the most prestigious awards in the golf sector (PGA Show, Golf Digest etc.) and are used today throughout the world in numerous golf clubs, schools and associations. EXPERT GOLF is also a developer of innovative solutions, such as GPS and apps for the sport of golf. With iGolfrules, it has developed one of the first golf apps for the iPhone. It is one of the most downloaded apps in the Sport category. Today, the company offers several apps for golfers which provide everything they need before, during and after a round.

Many thanks to Bernat Llobera and the entire team of Arabella Golf, Mallorca, for the warm welcome and highly professional support during our filming on the Son Muntaner, Son Vida and Son Quint golf courses.

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Gary Hobin says:

If you want to speed up play, make a rule to ensure that players do not start figuring out what club to hit AFTER it is their turn. Get into position, figure out your yardage and club selection, and be ready to hit as soon as it is your turn. Same with putting – line up your putt while the other guy is – not rocket science.

Harry Hagan says:

I wish there were a rule against music on the course. Lib publications such as Golf Digest actually encourage it. Music, along with loud talking, has no place on the course. Music is highly personal. your music is not mine, nor is mine-opera and classical-yours. Save it for your space; not public space. We are surrounded by gorgeous Nature out there. What more could anyone want?

William Oerke says:

When you play with a group of friends, who cares what the rule book says. So long as everyone plays by the same rules everyone agrees too.

Byron Jones says:

I have written before, but underlining, shall we say, might be in order. A round of golf has become a trial: a severe test of patience, so snail-paced, so funereal its progress. Consider …. 1. Bobby Locke was threatened with dire punishment for taking three hours to complete a round at the Open Championship …. 2. The Open Championship and the US Open demanded 36 holes on the final (third) day's play until well into the '60s …. 3. The crippled Ben Hogan managed 36 holes in a day in winning several major championships …. 4. Peter Alliss won his first professional tournament – the Daks – playing the two final rounds in 4 hours, 10 minutes with Bernard Hunt.

Why has it all turned to festering sluggishness? I give you a one-word answer: NICKLAUS. He invented the creep of golf.

Victoria Daniel says:

Is this for real?

Sheri M says:

I'm still learning the game so I'll have less to confuse me once we're in 2019! Great presentation here!

Bill Collins says:

Got the"Player's" Edition. A lot of better explanations with some of the Rules. Are we being supplied with the "Full Rules Edition.? It looks like it will be required on the coarse.

Jamie Smith says:

Good-bye, Double Hit rule, you stupid son of a bitch! And take the rest with you. I think all of these changes are overdue.

Now if I can just get my playing partner to stop taking three practice swings before EVERY shot. . .

Anthony Duignan says:

Very good explanation, could do with other rules being explained, max handicap, every score registered and recorded, I cannot see out local Director of Golf her in France following this ruling. No doubt ffgolf will have their own version as they normally do.

Joey Calabrese says:

Boycott Nike merchandise if you wear it I will let you know you are a piece of shit I curse anybody who wears that shit

Larry jones says:

Could anyone please tell me where I can purchase this book? Thank you.

Coby Gawlik says:

What date do the rule changes take effect? The 2018-2019 PGA season starts this week…or is it January 1, 2019?

Erik says:

Is this for real? I don't get the rule where you can leave the flagstick in the hole?? It will be an extreme advantage to leave it no matter what putting distance no?

george gonczarek says:

Is that January 2019

Grahame Bunn says:

Great clear and concise summary of some of the new rules – thank you!
My frustration with these new rules is why didn't they bring in free relief from being in a divot on the fairway, it must be the most unfair "rub of the green" that there is in golf, and yet they have done nothing to address it with these new rules?

whogg0521 says:

I loved your old book and will surely be getting the updated one.

Maureen Bainbridge says:

What a great video, thanks

Frederick Westphal says:


Stephen Baxter says:

Excellent summary of new rule changes for 2019

Debbiebabe69 says:

Booo, hisss, to rule number 3.

I always liked 'helping' fellow players search for a ball, and upon finding it giving it a cheeky stamp to bury it, then say to the player 'aww unlucky your ball has plugged'…….

Music Calgary says:

Must say I find myself losing interest in the game as a result of the new rules. What next? 15" holes? Right. This is not golf, sorry. Play it like Jack did or stay home.

Mark Funkybunch says:

Tc Chen is fuming rn.

Chris Smith says:

I’m not a fan of all these rules that make the game easier. It’s like the R&A and usga are trying to do whatever they can to make the game easier. Dropping from knee height?!? No penalty stroke for a double tap?!? Tf is this????

SweeTees Golf says:

Were can you buy 2019 reference booklet??

Al L says:

Great explanation. Well done indeed!

Lorenzo says:

Really good video, thanks

Gerard Guitarist says:

Wow. You'll need the updated rules on hand if you're playing for $ at the club now! Save some potential arguments for sure!

Paul Horowitz says:

Is this USGA or RSGA? Well done

Doogie N.D. says:

Looks like the greens were stimping at 6.

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