NEW GOLF RULES 2023 | The 5 Most Important CHANGES!

NEW GOLF RULES 2023 | The 5 Most Important CHANGES! We have seen the first rule changes in years during 2019… and now for 2023 we have even more amendments! As of 2023, new golf rules apply worldwide. It is the most major revision of the rules for more than 30 years. This easy-to-understand video gives you a clear overview of the changes so that you can benefit from all the simplifications and new relief procedures. Explanations are based on the “New Rules of Golf for 2023” as published by the USGA and R&A in JANUARY 2023

If you think these changes are hard to remember, please check out “Golf Rules Quick Reference 2019” which contains a summary of these changes as well as all other applicable rules. If you take the practical pocket book with you on your round, you don’t have to know the rules off by heart as you’ll be able to answer all rules questions in a matter of seconds.

21 thoughts on “NEW GOLF RULES 2023 | The 5 Most Important CHANGES!

  1. Exposure to divots increase in number for every subsequent group following the first group – each subsequent group teeing off is subject to a higher probability of landing in a divot than earlier groups. Luck of the draw…maybe. If a divot is a natural state of the course should they then not fill in the divots during or after the round? Dropping the ball on the fairway behind the divot would reduce the disadvantages for the later groups teeing off. Bunkers are raked after every shot. You can see sand traps from the tee areas – divots not so much. Treat divots in the same manner as sand traps to get rid of this long time issue once and for all.

  2. Big issue in our course in winter, being clay based. Often have really soft puggy areas (but not wet enough to get free relief) close to fairways & greens where green staff unable to mow as close as desired. Ball lands, plugs,and disappears! Goes in deep and long grass folded over can make it impossible to find in 3 mins. On two holes with steep slope in front of the green this can occur to a shot literally just a couple of metres off the green. Only solution is for areas to be marked GUR, but would be ideal if player and his/her marker both agree on the entry point and free relief allowed.

  3. Allow use of GPS and Range Finders to speed up the game. They can pretty much determine the yardage by using a cheat book and manually walking off the yardage, but it takes too long and takes away from the enjoyment of the game for players and viewers. Also, use carts to speed up the game.

  4. The game is in crisis! Making these changes to primarily speed up play and get more people on the course without addressing the fundamental problem! THE HOLE IS TOO SMALL! That hole size was arbitrary if anything was. Also, there are too many holes and the courses are too long. Cut courses down to nine or twelve holes and shorten them. Make the hole larger and people will finsih in 2 or 3 hrs and folks will have more fun.

  5. anyone notice how almost everytime a rule changes, its because a "pro" got penalized for it. either complained or sued or cried enough to get their way. i mean, these rules don't change for us average players, we get told to "get good".

  6. Basic premise of the game has always been to play the ball as it lies. There has always been an element of luck in golf. Define a divot – prove it was a divot and not just a scuff or indent, players would claim relief for every little imperfection on the fairway. It is only a fairway – not a perfect way. You don't get to clean mud from your ball on a wet fairway. Play the game the way is was meant to be played.

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