SECRET Golf Rules You HAVE To Know!

Having a good understanding of the rules of golf will not only save you the embarrassment of getting disqualified but can also actually help save you shots if you know them well enough to use in your favour.

There are 10 rules that golfers are constantly breaking; in this video, I explain what they are and how to avoid them.

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25 thoughts on “SECRET Golf Rules You HAVE To Know!

  1. Hold on. For an unplayable ball, you have 2 club lengths for lateral relief as she mentions. However, you can ALSO take stroke and distance OR back on the line relief (with 1 club length).

  2. So, on the unplayable drop (7/10). What if 2 club lengths doesn't get you to playable? Is going back and hitting from the previous spot (with penalty) your only real option? Is it an option? For example, one of the courses I play has an enormous ditch on the left on your second shot, and if you hook it into that ditch (which is not marked as out of bounds), if you get lucky and find your ball, 2 club lengths won't get you out of it. What should you do?

  3. Problem with slope on rangefinders (and now some GPS) is that many dont have a visible indication that slope is on (unlike my Bushnell) so you can be playing against someone who is using slope all the time. So I think R&A should allow slope for armature golf.

  4. It's such a shame that many of golf's rules make it confusing and inaccessible to many. So many easy gains that could be done by simplifying.

  5. How do you play a wrong ball off the tee, please? I understand the concept once you have teed off, but I would have thought you can play any ball you like off the tee.

  6. The search clock does not stop when identifying a ball during the 3 minute search time. See clarification 18.2a(1)/3 second paragraph.

  7. I can imagine the guys in the dogfight see me riding back to the teebox to hit another one cause I hit the wrong ball

  8. It's always good to review and be reminded of even the most basic of rules, especially with the major revision (and reduction from 34 to 25) in the ROG. Most golfers are so used to playing casual rounds with friends that when they play a "serious" round in a comp or with a club that they're unfamiliar with the rules and thus can, as I've seen, result in breaches of the rules that lead to confusion and arguments. ????

  9. The penalty area drops still confuse me from time to time and I’ve been playing for decades ! We have one hole where the penalty area is behind and to the left of the green and I don’t understand how you can drop ‘no nearer’ the hole? (There is no shot on the other side of the area as it’s a stream then heavy wooded area) The other one is 95% certain it’s in the penalty area. If the area is out of sight of where you’re hitting from and you don’t see it go in, how can you be that certain… ? ????

  10. On dropping the ball back on a line, do you now have the option of one club length from that point and (small point) its a penalty area not a hazard ????

  11. I never even look for my ball anymore. If I took 3 minutes to look for every ball I lost, a round of golf would take 4 days……

  12. A lot of my mates seem to think they can flatten all the long grass around their ball ball as long as the ball itself doesn’t move ????‍♂️

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