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Rick Shiels tests the NEW MIZUNO JPX900 FORGED IRONS at the NEW Quest Golf Academy based at Prairie Sports Village, using GC2 and FSX software


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cm1547 says:

Anyone have an idea of how these would compare to my current set which are the MP-58s from several years back? My assumption is that these JPX 900 Forged would be a bit more forgiving as they would fall a little further into the game improvement range. I just don't get out often enough anymore to play my MP-58s well enough, unfortunately. Too bad too, because I absolutely love those clubs still.

George Smith says:

How does the feel of the 900 Forged compare to the feel of the Ping i200 ?

YakMan NC says:

Great review Rick! Currently playing Taylormades.. been wanting to switch to Mizunos. Trying to decide if I should get the JPX 850 forged or 900 forged.

How much of a difference (improvement) is the 900 over 850?

Travis smith says:

rick, just added these to the bag and they are fantastic

The Persuader says:

Just Purchased these Irons…You're Spot On with your details with performance with the 900 Forged.

Chad Donaldson says:

Rick, if I got fitted for the 900 forged would it be okay to buy 850 forged and apply those specs? Love the channel

horsbubj says:

Isn't the key issue with these irons the approach to gapping at the low end… In essence, this set compresses a very similar loft range as the mp 25 set into one fewer iron. This frees up space in the bag for an additional wedge, hybrid, or wood, so long as you can tolerate bigger spacing from gap wedge to 9 iron. Looks an interesting approach…

Brett Bassam says:

great review very nice clubs but love my mp54's

Rudi Nel Nel says:

Thanx Rick and Rob for all the advice and entertainment. Traded in my Taylormade Rocketbladez yesterday for jpx 900 forged. Played my first round today with the new clubs and shot my second best round ever! (shot 80 from a 14 handicap). Really can feel the difference with forged clubs

William Bacon says:

Test Ping iBlade vs Ping i !

Adam Flynn says:

Boron is a mineral that they add to the steel to make it stronger/harder thats why it doesnt feel quite as soft.
I think these could go in ur bag Rick (i know u love the tour 900's) but give yourself a wee margin for error…the tour give 0 help on misshits at least these give u a little.

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