NEW STUNNING looking P770 irons from TaylorMade | Golfalot TaylorMade P770 (2020) Irons Review


In this video, professional golfer Sophie Walker reviews the new TaylorMade P770 irons, taking a closer look at the feel, looks and performance, whilst comparing them to the TaylorMade P790 (2019) iron model.

This video was shot at Stockport Golf Club and LSH Auto, Stockport.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the new P770 Irons and our review of them!

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28 thoughts on “NEW STUNNING looking P770 irons from TaylorMade | Golfalot TaylorMade P770 (2020) Irons Review

  1. I am cionfused. These P770’ S have a significant higher loft. So obviously you will lose distance. Unless you are hung up on a ‘distance’ for an iron, which you seem to be. The lofts are more traditional will lose 5_10 yards but then use a different iron.

  2. Good review, I like that you tested them with various shot shapes and lie conditions. You could always get them in stronger lofts to get the distance you need.

  3. Sophie..first time viewer. What a great and refreshing review. Just one thing, it would have been great to test these with your preferred shaft for an apples to apples. Most of the reviews I’ve watch for these clubs, the reviewer used their shaft or very close to their specs. The results were almost the same carry numbers with less rollout. Maybe a followup?

  4. so the P770s would of worked perfect for you with the right shafts. they keep going short not due to the clubs but due to them being at least 30 grams too heavy for you.

  5. HI Sophie, great review as always. I always play better after watching your smooth swing, fairways seem much wider, and my GIR's are better. I play old 712 AP-2's and wonder if these P770's are similar but maybe a bit more forgiving? I probably don't need new clubs but think at some point the tech is going to be worth a change. TIA.

  6. Feel, appearance, consistancy, workability, what I want to see in a review, we'll done. These clubs are on my radar as are the Mizuno forged, any thoughts?

  7. Great looking irons! Shame you didn't get the chance to test them with the right shafts. How much further do you reckon you'd hit them with your current shafts?

  8. Thanks Sophie, love your reviews! I really take them to heart as we have very similar club head speed and ball distance. I will give these irons a try. They look gorgeous. I also found my P790's had the occasional hot "rocket" shot and with the stronger lofts, don't seem to hold greens very well.
    I look forward to your next review! ❤

  9. Sophie great review on the p770 because of my swing speed I feel the p790s would be better for me. I love the kbs shafts. I have grafite regular shafts. do they make a light kbs shaft. thank you so much for the great video

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