Taylormade M1 // M2 // SIM Driver Comparison

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Our most requested driver comparison so far this year – we look at the super popular 2016 M2 and 2017 M2 to see how they compare to the new SIM driver!

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Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada


Brandon Mackay says:

How are you averaging 300+ yards?

Don Wongjohnson says:

I’ve been playing the m2 since it came out but looking for more forgiveness. Possibly ping…

Jared Silvers says:

Man you guys smash the ball. I'd like to see testing that's being done at slightly lower swing speeds since most of us aren't swinging the club much past 100 mph. I'm curious if the extra yardage is a linear function of swing speed or not. Great work none the less.

Arvind Das says:

Nice vdo and what a swing this pro has !

Virgil Maralit says:

OOHH YYyessss

VC Golfer97 says:

I bought an M2 because of this video. It’s stupid long and takes off running when it hits the ground. 5 more MPH with range balls over my ST 180 and off center hits still moved really well. I see why it’s the GOAT

Mark Sargent says:

Awesome review. Thanks for sharing!

Dirk Gibbens says:

If I had 300+ carry I wouldnt care which driver I hit, but if the SIM can increase carry from 207 yds (M2) to 218 yds (SIM Max) with much tighter dispersion, it’s a winner. That was my result from a club fitting session using same shaft in both… so it was a true measure of the clubhead itself ?

JoeSmithGolfNut says:

Great video, watched this again as looking at a M1 440 head. Just wondered, was the Nemesis fitted for matt for the SIM? Although performance was down on the M2 and M1 if fitted for matt (different shafts perhaps) could you get the performance up to closely match the SIM?

David Baker says:

In my mind the M1 wins just because of the adjustability. Ball speeds are so close. Just get an M1 and adjust it on in for your swing.

Johnny Blaze says:

What do you think the results would be if you went up in loft on the M2.

Trevor Bikker says:

I’ve heard that with twist face if you hit just outside of center , towards the toe sometimes it can stay blocked out, watching all these shots the SIM definitely struggled to draw back to center.
Did you guys notice that or am I way off ? Lol

jsalcido61 says:

Where do I order that swing?
I need help.

Johnny Blaze says:

I was using the SLDR 430 and when I hit it good it was really consistent. When I missed, I paid full penalty. Every once in awhile it had a 5th gear. Bought the 2016 M1 430 because of the misfits and couldn’t hit it so I went back to SLDR. Saw on line where they moved the weights on M1 to make it a M2. I tried it and started piping it. The sound was too high pitched so I bought a M2 off eBay and haven’t looked back. I do miss that 5th gear in the SLDR. With Matt’s consistent swing would be curious to see the SLDR vs SIM.

david carr says:

Great comparison as always! Unbelievable driver swing 3/4 almost but goes for miles!

Greg Murphy says:

I just got a shot of the taylormade sim driver today to compare to my cobra f9 and the numbers on club speed went up on the sim by 5mph and carry distance up by 15yards very tempted to change now

Jinho park says:

He hits it so far

Caleb Ross says:

When tiger came back this was the driver he used and he was piping it. He drove it way better than he did in 2018.

Andrew Peters says:

What’s the best model year for their d type driver series?

Reinard Theron says:

Do you guys think the taylormade M4 is just as good as the sim?

blair simpson says:

do lofts on divers make much more distance to forgiveness?

Christopher Pompilio says:

I have a 2016 Tour Issue M2 with a KK DC XT 60TX. I have tried M1, M3, M3 440, Cobra Speedback, Epic, Epic Flash, Titleist 917 D3, D2 with probably literally two dozen shafts. The only thing that has finally been comparable in overall performance in terms of balls speed, launch, sping, etc is a Mavrik SZ. That 2016 M2 is truly an all timer.

Kirk Michael says:

Had a Aeroburner with 50g stiff stock shaft 9.5 loft for 5 years

Yesterday I got fitted for the 1st time and bought the Sims Max with Project X Hzrdus smoke 70g stiff shaft at 11 loft.

HOLY MOLY what a world of difference.. Been using the wrong equipment for over 15 years.. The Sims Driver is a terrific piece of equipment. I'm going to have more confidence when I get to the tee box this golf season

potchns says:

Ian fit me a few years ago into a ‘17 M1 with a Kuro Kage XT 60X. Seems like that was a popular combination for his fittings! Any temptation to check out new drivers this year is gone after watching this video.

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