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PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests the NEW TAYLORMADE M3 IRONS over a 2 week period to give the most in-depth review possible


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Thanks for watching the video! The first 1000 comments will be entered into a draw to win a prize! Also like the video if you have entered!

Andrew Rosecrans says:

i had these and i got different results than you. These were the furthest carrying clubs i have ever seen. I was hitting the pitching wedge 155-170 yards. The 7 iron was going 200-208 yards. The cavity area really puts weight into the ball. Forgiveness was average. get these clubs if you want to add distance to your game. I could not believe how high and far these were going. I am not a long hitter, my 7 iron now goes about 180.

Chris Beatty says:

In 2020 if you had to choose between these two clubs, would you get the M3’s or the Ping G30’s ?

Scott Carroll says:

8 handicap. Just traded in my Callaway XR Pro irons on a set of these. I liked the Callaways and they served me well for three years but I just felt like I needed a bit more forgiveness from my irons. The M3s are definitely harder off the face than the XR Pros but I love them. For a game improvement iron working the ball is no problem and the ball absolutely explodes off the face. I would recommend the M3s for anyone from a six handicap up to probably a 15.

oluwaseun oshinowo says:

I am an 18 HC player. Just got my hands on set of 3.0 burners and m3 iron. Your review was exciting and can't wait to try my hands on them

Nathan Chapman says:

are the M3's ok to get as a beginner?

Kelly Smuts says:

Good video Rick! One question about ribcor. You obviously don’t notice any difference from it, but don’t you think ribcor is more aimed at a golfer with a slower swing speed than you? You already get lots of distance, but what about the average golfer who hits the ball an average distance…don’t you think it could help them?

BrushyMtnGolfer says:

My 6 iron face cracked last week on the face slot through the grooves. My longest carry on the launch monitor with the 6 iron was 192.

John McD says:

Just purchased the M3 Stiff 7 set 4-PW! excited to use them this weekend!

Bjarke Bæk says:

what irons are best taylormade p790 or the m3 ???

David Oh says:

Save yourself $350 or so and get the M1. Almost the same club.

Joeybago12 says:

You should be hitting that pw 150

Kyle says:

M5 iron review please!!! 🙂

Liam Francomb says:

3 .4 & 5 irons are great.
The rest of the set is dog shit

Liam Francomb says:

I played with a set of M3s yesterday
My conclusion is
Very easy to hit
They go a long way
Very forgiving

But very low spin
Not even pitching wedges would hold the green.

A complete waste of my friends money

adam turk says:

I'm a 12-14 handicap and am looking to get new irons. I'm long already so don't need extra length but am looking for something that would work for me. Any suggestions

Payton Baker says:

Hopping to get these for Christmas thank you!!

Leif Salling-Thomsen says:

Got an amazing deal on 5-PW for only £470 (40% off) as golfshop was closing.. Sold my RSi1 for £270, so very pleased. Only tried them in the shop on trackman and on the range today. Very nice irons, not as chunky as M4. Actually find them a bit more forgiving than RSi’s.

Nick Millar says:

Do you like the p790 better than the m3 ??

adrianbarrie13 says:

I got fitted today for a set of these to replace my Ping i20s I've had for 7 years. They certainly went further with less dispersion than my existing clubs and for me (11hc) they felt and performed better that the ping G400, Callaway Rouge and Rogue pro and TM's on M4 so I'm looking forward to them arriving so I can get out on the course.

chgoalie31 says:

great video as always, always my first stop for club reviews

Dave in Jax says:

Rick, used your review videos when searching for new irons. My choices came down to M3 and Callaway Rogue. Tested both and went with the M3. Better ball flight for my swing along with control. I do agree with your 4iron assessment…tough to hit consistently but still quite good. Keep up the amazing work.

MrLanceboil says:

ONLY carried 190 wow

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