2021 Game-Improvement Irons comparison | Which game-improvement iron is most forgiving?

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In 2021, golfers are seemingly overwhelmed with game-improvement irons to choose from. All of the major manufacturers have pushed the envelope further in game-improvement irons to deliver more distance and forgiveness to help golfers hit more greens in regulation.

In this video, 2nd Swing master fitter Thomas Campbell hits several shots with seven popular game-improvement iron models at focuses on his worst shots to explain the forgiveness in each club. The irons hit in this test include the PING G425, Mizuno JPX 921 Hot Metal, Cobra RAD Speed, Callaway Mavrik, TaylorMade SIM2 Max, Wilson D9, and Titleist T300.

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thaGreatWald says:

would of loved to see the big bertha b21 in the test

Megawatts 4488 says:

Just ordered the D9s. 2 days have never felt longer haha

Jack Edge says:

Perfect video thank you and keep up the great work!

Knute Jackson says:

Got to stop moving the pointer in circles. Gave me a headache trying to follow your data points.

Andreas Kaspers says:

Interesting .. the most underrated and less popular Irons are the Best .. i still play Wilson D7 and looking forward for my new D9 Setup .. excellent Clubs with a huge price- performance ratio ..
And if you have a look on the Wilson Staff CB Irons for better/ low handicap players .. . the look of that irons are amazing ..

But i play Cobra F8 Driver and Fairway Woods instead of the Wilson, cause i think there are better Woods than the Wilson out there ..

Thank you for the detailed comparison of all the GI Irons out there !!

Joel Cotton says:

Should’ve toss in the PXG 211 irons

Dave T says:

Not really a "test" if you don't draw any meaningful conclusions. More of an 'intro' (advert) to the various clubs. And I agree with the consensus in that a high handicapper doing the hitting would have interesting.

Chris Hartney says:

If you really want to focus on the imperfect shots, then you should remove all the well hit shots, even if the result is that you only have one or two poorly hit shots. By leaving some well hit shots in the mix, you are distorting the stats. You really need to hit far more shots, in order to get a sufficient data set. What we need to know is what happens when the contact is 10mm away from the sweet spot. Also, the players that these clubs are aimed at, probably aren't swining at 88 mph. This will have a huge impact on spin, carry and shot shape.

John D says:

Love your channel! Here is a suggestion. It would be interesting to repeating this test in a few weeks with a golfer who really struggles with his /her irons on the course and see what the overlap looks like in dispersion and numbers? I'll bet there are at least a few hundred average golfers within a 50 mi radius of your store who come in for fittings every day that your fitters can tell you fit in the GI category! 😉

Logan Seets says:

his mishits are my perfect shots

Sadi Amawi says:

this test has so many statistical flaws that you might as well scrap this video….get a high handicapper to do the test

Joel Keefer says:

I love this channel, but…….. wouldn't it be better to actually use golfers that fit these kind of clubs to see and how they will actually react to their slower swing speed and hits being all over the face? My swing isn't close to Thomas's, so I know the clubs will react to my swings and contact all over the face way differently than a strike literally being one dimple off of center and it being called a miss hit, lol. Is it ego that Thomas has to be the one to hit almost everything, unless it's a fitting video for someone? C'mon guys, we would like to be able to learn from these kind of videos, we already know that Thomas is a machine!

Robin Thomas says:

Great to see this kind of video, but it's not much use when the person hitting the ball is a scratch or near as golfer. Need a 16 hcp or so hitting the clubs.

Daniel B says:

next time get an average joe to do the test. it would be better to see the difference.

Herman Wolke says:

Great to see you guys and what you do for golf . I need some advice on irons i bought locally. Its old i think but in immaculate condition. Just want to ask your opinion. It is Srixon i601 with regular shafts. looks almost new.

Richard Jurkowski says:

I swing my 7i (i210 – 31.5 degrees) at 85 mph and get 170 yds of carry. You are swinging at about 88 mph and getting 200 yds of carry. How is swinging 3 mph faster getting you an additional 30 yds over what I get?

Darren bell says:

Just couldn't bag a game improvement iron due to looks alone. I got the srixon z585s this year and they are amazing, great looks with forgivness and distance

L J says:

Great work! How about adding PXG gen4 Iron?

Dave Zalinko says:

I just got fitted with PING G425 with graphite Alta CB slate shaft. I found them so easy to hit and they were going straight.
I’m 53 and could hit them 180 yds and ball speed of 120.
Also hit the T300s, like the irons but didn’t feel they were the right ones for me.

Ryan says:

Does every game improvement iron have to be so ugly?

Mark K says:

You ever do any testing with the new PXG 2021 0211 irons?

greg houtchens says:

Great job, thanks. I just got my custom Wilson D9 irons and love them, so much better than my Cobra T-RAIL irons were! By the way I got the D9 irons and traded the T-RAIL from 2nd Swing!

jim sorenson says:

I think this test would be more relevant if you got a real high handicap golfer, or maybe hit left handed.

helopuro says:

Great one again! Absolutely the best golf channel at the moment

Jeremiah Dahl says:

Think we need to spin him around and blindfold him to mimic high handicap hitters that use these clubs. I'm in that group ?

Donsmnc says:

Thomas, sorry but you really don't qualify as a player to be mis-hitting shots, average players don't mishit shots that still fly 90 plus percent of the full carry and are only 10-15 yards offline, find a high (10-18) handicapper to conduct this test with to really see which of these clubs is providing the better help on mishits

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