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Rick Shiels Golf says:

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Q: What style of putter do you use? Blade or mallet? Also what model do you play with?

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David George says:

I have been using the Cure RX4 for about nine months now. Had a few swings of Ping and Taylor Made putters at Parklands golf club on Wednesday and thought how puny and insubstantial they were in comparison. The RX4 is the best putter I have ever had. Easily customisable for shaft type and angle, and how big an MOI you want.

stiffler140 says:

I prefer blade putters, but anything that ends with the ball in the hole works for me 🙂 #1KCLUB

randy underwood says:

T-line is the best thing i've seen on putters. to me that is the focus for the eyes and the rest of the head is not even a factor. i have an old c-groove mallet. in fact…2 but, looking at the evnroll

Les Blair says:

The color red I can't like in a putter.
I use a blade and always will so they both look horrible to me.

Chris Mayor says:

As I started to get low in the seventies, I bought a ping Anser Scotsdale. When it was stolen, I tried out several putters, but think I was stuck on that as I putted so well with it. Finally bought a Scotty Newport 2 in 2003 I think, and loved it ever since. Think putters are very personal. If it looks good and feels good, then it is good. Putters have been great for years now, really believe we cannot blame the tools, it is us!

Doug T says:

Used to use a Scotty Cameron blade but swapped out to a Oddesey Two ball and never looked back. Might be time for something a bit more modern after all these years.

Richard Linnane says:

I am using a blade SC newport 2, but I have been wanting a mallet and have considered the spider. I am very interested in getting my hands on the spider mini now as it looks fantastic, and I love the sight lines.

genotone says:

Spider Jr would have been a cooler name

Mia Turner says:

Still a Two Ball Blade with plenty of lead tape for me so a bit of both. Tempted to try something newer but 259 is a bit steep.

Mohd Radzi Nurul Azri says:

It looked like a red muscle car.. Quite nice to my eye. Would really consider this if there's a center shaft option

Scott Martin says:

Hi Rick I have the spider tour in black with no marking on top I love it so much my putting has improved so much sence I've got it ?????????

Bandit Baker says:

Great review Rick. I like the idea of that T sight line (as I always have a tendency to aim the Putter head open at address). Also I like the slightly smaller profile of the Mini, the full Spider has always looked bulky/fussy at address. Will be interesting to give one a try when they hit the stores.

Haslam Golf says:

#1kclub I use a blade putter and this year have picked up a Cleveland HB3i and absolutely love it.

Lee Popham-Lithgow says:

I don't like either I actually prefer the odyssey range of EXO putters

Dylan Aldred says:

Did anybody else notice that he was reviewing a putter at a mini golf course? Haha mallet

Phil Brown says:

I need a new putter in my bag. I wish this putter was cheaper! Thanks for the review!

Todd Sincock says:

I just don’t like the feel off the TM true roll insert….wish I did because I really like the ardmore designs. Plus have you noticed how easily the TM insert dings?

thecman26 says:

For $300 it should just putt by itself! Looks cool but nah, too spensive!

Arcade Explorer says:

Spider Mene

proolo proolo says:

Can you please review the bettinardi putters?

Petter G says:

Great video, can you do a review on the new Odyssey Exo putters?

Boštjan Čadež says:

ay you and Peter should try doing a speed golf round, just race each other for 9 holes and see who does better, score doesn't matter.

Chip Graham says:

Looks a little like Iron Man

Jeff maxham says:

Still love my odyssey white ice. Blades are my preference.

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