1996 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

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MarcusGL says:

Greg was sooo unfortunate in Major tournaments, especially here at the Masters 🙁 That man was my hero

Greg Stephens says:

Man, i forgot about golf pre-Tiger. Not nearly as exciting, that is for sure.

barry nicholas says:

Norman takes forever to play his shots.

Aaron Bader says:

Forgot that Norman is the slowest player ever

Thomas Ray says:

The first Masters in years without Ben Wright. He is STILL missed!

Carl Patrick P. Zablan says:

The Collapse Of Greg Norman's Masters Tournament Career!

Spencer Dobkin says:

Snead had a great swing.

TROC Vailima says:

Thanks for the video… I sympathize with Greg.

Anthony Kernich says:

Nice choke Greg

Rick Martin says:

very memorable….

StFidjnr says:

2:45:48 tough year for the ams no one made the weekend cut

Brad Miller says:

Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch this live, but I duid record it. I stayed away from the sports scores so I would watch it without knowing the outcome. I couldn't believe what I was watching. It was like watching a slow motion train wreck and was unbelievable. Kudo's to Nick because he played great. When they embraced on 18 Nick told Greg "Don't let the bastards get you down." referring to the media.

KingpinPadre says:

You'll never find a bigger Greg Norman fan that me at 14. I rushed home from church anxious to watch the coronation. Instead it was a slow-trudge toward the Shark's demise. This whole day was a haunting sports memory for my youth.

KingpinPadre says:

1:33:29 – One of the flushest 2-irons ever struck.

supergolfdude says:

Anyone who wants to know about sportsmanship and personal accountability should go back and look for Greg Norman's interviews following this Masters. No one ever "took it like a man" better than the Shark did after this devastating loss.

O. G. says:

35:20 Champions Swing!

2001mark says:

41:15 was the classic gamechanger for my memories.

DanLoudShirts says:

Class from both men. That really did kill Greg Norman. 67 in the final round and unlucky with a couple of putts too from Nick. Brilliant last round.

Nathan Devlin says:

Great to see this round in its entirety. Thank you.

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