Nike Covert Tour Cleveland XL Classic

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Nike Covert Tour Cleveland XL Classic reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. See which golf driver might help you find some longer tee shots and bigger drives. The Nike Covert wit it's red head and changeable neck is a popular golf club on the PGA tour with player like Rory McIlroy and others. Keegan Bradley flies the flag for Cleveland golf and the Classic range along with GMac. With the help of GC2 HMT Mark delivers real ball data on distance to help you see which driver might help you play some better golf.

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Chris Skrmetti says:

Launch numbers were still lower with the Cleveland. You may have missed an
opportunity to loft up the Cleveland due to the lower spin and seen more
carry and rollout. 

H PP says:

I recently replaced my Cleveland Classic driver with the Cleveland XL
Custom driver and I’m very satisfied with the new and improved driver. The
old classic driver is easy to hit but requires a more smooth swing. The XL
Custom lets you swing harder when you need to do so for the par 5 or long
par 4 holes. The swing weight of the XL driver is a little heavier so it
takes a little getting used to. Overall, the XL custom driver is easy to
hit and dependable. It will help you get in position for your second shot.

busa89 says:

I almost never hear anything bad said about Cleveland with the exception of
their VAS irons a few years ago. I’ve owned many Cleveland drivers and
woods and they all have been fantastic. I still use a Cleveland DST
Launcher. I have been considering the switch to the Classic XL as the
prices have come down. 

Paul Davis says:

Picking mine up this evening AU $100 from Ebay. Tried it for 4 rounds in UK
and love it. UNDERRATED IS RIGHT. Contender for best value ever. Hope
Cleveland doesnt hire TM styling department and crank the price!

Paul Davis says:

Picking mine up this evening AU $100 from Ebay. Tried it for 4 rounds in UK
and love it. UNDERRATED IS RIGHT. Contender for best value ever. Hope
Cleveland doesnt hire TM styling department and crank the price!

Brian Moore says:

The Cleveland you show has adjustability, so is it the XL or the XL Custom
that you are hitting?

Tommy Graham says:

Mark, just bought that Cleveland XL last weekend which replaced my
Cleveland Classic I had used two prior seasons. I love the adjustability of
the XL and the deep face gives me more confidence at address. After
tweaking the angles some, I’m getting 20-25 extra yards average out of my
XL. Love the new Bomber by Cleveland; I’m a 18 handicapper
btw…..Greetings from Fort Worth Texas!

Anselmo DPM says:

Interesting Niche. It is hard to find a low spinning/deep face driver in a
460 cc game improvement driver. It seems similar to the Adams 9064LS I use.
More OEMs need to offer clubs like this. I prefer very little offset in my
irons but am not a good enough ball striker to use an MB iron. I would buy
a zero offset game improvement iron today if it existed 

Casualguy 939 says:

I bought a slightly used Cleveland Classic driver and it was the best
$70.00 I’ve ever spent on a club, and I have bought a lot. I usually go
through about 4 drivers per year. IMO the CC is absolutely beautiful, and
like the date here, I hit this long and straight, with the ability to shape
it. A very highly underrated driver. Feedback, feel, sound… all are
subjective, but I am glad I didn’t spend $500 on an Epon 151AF I was
eyeing, which is an excellent club in it’s own right. 

jesse simpson says:

Just got my Cleveland Classic XL in the mail the other day.. cant wait for
this snow to be gone and try it out .. I still got my trusty R11S just in
case in don’t work out ..

Eddie Bowers says:

I have the 2012 version of the Classic Driver. It absolutely rocks!
Thinking of buying the 3 wood now. Cleveland massively underrated

GrandmasterN says:

Any chance your could test some old club from around 2000 and compare it to
the new ones. Im thinking that Titleist 975D would be so cool to see how
that one compares to your covert or the new Titleist!!!

Thanks for grreat videos!

blip cat says:

your fitted Nike against an off the rack Cleveland………..hardly a fair

Mark Crossfield says:

Nike covert tour or Cleveland classic xl drivers. 

Mark Crossfield says:

Covert Nike Golf Tour Driver against Cleveland XL Classic

Clinton van Zyl says:

Mark, why is it that with the Cleveland you’re missing MILES left? IS that
a shaft option issue? I have just purchased the Cleveland and on a LM was
smashing it miles further than the Covert Tour. Different strokes,
different folks. HIt mine for the first time at my home range the other day
and used my GPS to log shot distance, ground was wet so no rollout and
balls were right next to pitch marks, average 270yards carry!

Brick Tamland says:

“the cleveland classic tries to have this more classic look” .. ooh does it
now mark?

Steve Evans says:

What does it take to get the Covert out of your bag?!

Ben Danby says:

Please subscribe to my channel got some ok videos

Wayne Trunks says:

I have the classic xl custom and its a beast feels really low spinning and
so much longer than any other driver. I have the matrix black tie in mine.
Great club highly recommended

mark moonlight says:

ihilton69 Yes I agree. But the Cleveland is Fitted to fit a wider range of
players. While the $300+ Shaft in HIS Covert is Fitted to HIS swing. CHEERS
MATE! I’m surprised to see Mark playing a Covert. He seems to be a

Marcus Charlesworth says:

Please do a review on the Cobra AMP-D driver, it is truly phenomenal and a
good price! Loving the videos btw!

Side85Winder says:

ebay my friend its the holy grail of cheap golf clubs. Just stick to
sellers with top rated and high rating use paypal or pickup only.

TXchadTX says:

Well made driver from a company that doesn’t market gimmicks
VS……..small red thingy with missing pieces :/

Will Swatton says:

Nike CT vs Titleist 913 D3

Adam Huckeby says:

Mark Im currently using a 7.5 913 d3. I demoed the Classic as soon as my
local shop received them. I love the look and the sound. I also got great
results in spin and ballspeed …. if i wasn’t happy with my current setup
the Classic would definitely be in the running.

Dowdy99 says:

I tried out the callaway extreme and xhot drivers at my local range, but
ended up buying a classic 290 after it outperformed both other clubs for
me. It felt much lighter and easier to swing than the other two. I feel
like you have to tee it up higher than you might with other drivers due to
the deep head to get the most out of it.

CaribSurfKing1 says:

The Cleveland was going way left, the Nike a bit right! I assume a stiffer
shaft in the Nike vs some head weight difference making you close the face?

theMANxGOLFER says:

Adjusting the loft higher also closes the face. Good eye on the numbers.

Stompy77 says:

My advise is to also put the ball a bit further up in your stance so when
you hit the ball the club will be hitting the ball during its upswing, so
you are effectively adding loft to your swing. If that doesn’t work, try
another loft angle, such as 10.5 or more.

bigblue1 says:

What shaft’s were you using in those? I think the Cleveland has several
options as a stock offering.

Matt Brittain says:

how does the Xhot’s numbers compare to these?

nick Christ says:

I’ve tried the CC and it’s a great club just felt more like swinging a big
heavy rock conpared to the tour. I got an aldila rip shaft for my tour and
that brought my spin rate down a decent amount. Shafts make a little
difference. The rip shaft also made it go farther lol mark you should do a
video on your covert with different shafts. Great vids!

theMANxGOLFER says:

I hope to see his review. The 3 wood seems to have a deeper face than other
2013 OEM offerings. Also, the small profile from the top looks very nice.
One thing I noticed was how it appears closed at address which put me off.
Wish the 3 wood had a neutral setup and a heavier stock shaft option.

theMANxGOLFER says:

I agree. Quality of strike and angle of attack plays an important role in
trying to identify the small equipment variances to provide a more accurate
performance comparison. Like Mark said, “Looks and feel are as important as
the numbers”, this is true when a professional is hitting the center of the
club, but can’t bring up the launch angle when making adjustments.

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