THE BEST BUDGET DRIVER OF 2021? We all love a new driver, but does buying a new driver mean more distance and longer drives? does buying an expensive driver mean your going to hit longer drives? expensive driver vs cheap driver is always a very interesting test… in this video I test what I think could be the best cheap driver of 2021… The Benross Delta X Driver, how can this cheap driver compete with more expensive drivers such as a TaylorMade SIM2, or a Titleist TSi3… or even a Cobra RAD which is also more affordable? let's find out… and let's do it now!

16 thoughts on “THE BEST BUDGET DRIVER OF 2021?

  1. very enlightening to see a low cost driver with a well established name. Am looking to get a new driver to replace my beginners one (Newly retired senior player only been playing 3 years. (using Slazenger V300). Will definitely try this one out. Seems like a slower swing speed will be ok with this driver as James said his swing was probably too fast.

  2. When comparing clubs that are forgiving I think that the results are skewed here. Your ball striking is great and does not really show what a club can actually do expect for spin and carry. When doing a video, especially on game improvement irons or drivers, I think that you should get a 20 handicap or something in there to actually see the results. Most average golfers are in that range and I think would appreciate that. I enjoy your content though, thanks.

  3. Benross – great review, been waiting 6 weeks now for my new Delta X irons to arrive, still not been given a delivery date, but was keen to know the reviews on the Delta X driver as will be looking for driver and fairway woods next.

  4. From the video I actually like that sound nothing offensive really, it's the loud strange noise ones I don't like and could never own.

    Another brilliant video, thanks ??

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