NOBODY is trying this PING driver in 2022…

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Nobody is trying or hitting this famous ping driver in 2022 and here's a few reasons apart from the price that you should!

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The Insane Shecklador says:

I had 2 brand new sets of G10s still in the plastic wrap until yesterday and now I have one.

Long story short… Well as short as I can keep it. I used to play golf around 25 years ago but haven't played at all, not even once, since. Around 2008-09ish I won a sizeable shopping spree at a pro shop. Ended up with several sets of Ping and Calloway clubs. I sold most of them but kept 2 Ping sets thinking maybe I'd get out and play again.

Fast forward 15 years and I finally went to the range yesterday after watching your video. I hit terribly for the first 20 shots or so but started to get some OK shots after that. I can already tell these G10s are light years above the old wooden hand me down woods I used to play. I've never even swung a metal wood until yesterday. The "new" (15 year old) Ping irons are also way more forgiving than my old 1980s hand me downs were 25 years ago.

Thanks for getting me back out there. I'm probably gonna need several more range days before trying to actually play a round but I am gonna make it happen.

Wayne Holmes says:

Don't you have any body that speaks better English

Guy Hall says:

It's fun playing the Simon treasure hunt game, expensive but dang it's a ton of fun. So much for saving money on pints ($8.50 per)

Found one of these bad boys, it's pending seller acceptance @ $43.77 TOP. She's 9* – stiff – playable grip – 8.0 condition.

After running through the Simon Golf Club body shop, 9.5 baby!!!

Johnny Whitty says:

Genuinely the best driver I've ever had! I unfortunately slammed it off a post at the driving range on the follow through and tore a hole in it, nearly cried!!! I play a Titleist 917d3 now and I still prefer the g10 over the much more modern club

foolmarks says:

Interesting – I had a few shots with this exact club and I could hit almost as far as my current driver…which is the 2005 Ping G2 with 8.5 loft and stiff 65g Aldala shaft. Still haven't found anything that goes as far and straight as that old Ping G2.

Matt says:

I played this driver from 2009-2020. It’s still fantastic just not as forgiving as modern heads. Play the F9 now and it’s the legend of the last five years. Expect to play it for years 10 years.

Jeff Nahass says:

Simon, purchased a G10 stiff 9°. It is the bomb. I got 300 yds and straight out of it.

borg tron says:

I had one, I hit my new g series a lot better but I think the main difference is I'm realizing even though I swing fairly fast I like mid flex better than stiff, swapped shafts on my eye 2 irons and they're amazing now

Timothy Sherman says:

I just saw one for $40 US.

George says:

I was dropping bombs on Monday with my Taylormade Burner Superfast V1 on Monday. And I was only playing ot because it barely beat out my r7 at the range on Friday. BARELY.

Lee GR says:

I’ve just got back into golf, have the Ping G425, awesome club, only chose it because I love Ping stuff and needed it for the changes that can be made to stop my slice

Paul Stewart says:

The Ping G15 was the first driver I could hit a draw with. Could only do it with that one. Own a G410 LST now, and can't do it with that lol

Andrew Bloomfield says:

It’s a pony driver that’s why , todays golfer even tested a g10 to a g425 and the g10 seriously punished off centre hits

TheTurdEye says:

I got the hybrid 3 version from my father.

It's my favorite club, made my best shots with it. Very versatile, and the sound is amazing.

Dan Haywood says:

Love your videos and you have done one on the driver I bought from ebay 🙂 got it in march this year for 85 quid in near enough perfect condition. Had the option to get one for 75 quid that was a bit battered up. Amazing club and would totally recommend. I struggled with a slice due to the cheap whippy driver I had previously, absolutely love this club

Iain Devine says:

Had 2 back in the day, one with the pro launch red, when l could swing harder and then the TFC shaft.
Hit some bombers with both, great club.
Bought some 'dearer' clubs over the last few years, not much better but have an old callaway 454 which l always revert back to, so easy to hit.

O.B.1 Slam says:

Cant lie, I watch these vids for the trick shots and he never disappoints lol.

Andy McDade says:

Might have to try one out…. I picked up a G10 4 Hybrid/Rescue Wood for £2.50, including head cover, in a charity shop and it's easily my favourite club in the bag. Even tho the grip is completely shot, I've barely hit a bad shot with it…. It's so easy to hit it's unreal….
my first hit with it on a course, the ball drilled through the wind and rolled out for my first ever Eagle 🦅

Tasty key coffee cup says:

PXG are selling their gen 5 driver on their website for 250 quid. Absolute steal for what ur getting

whitewiskerz says:

Just got a g5 I'm a new golfer . I still suck. But I'm excited to see If I can get better with it

D H says:

This is funny. I own a G10 10.5 degree and this morning I just found one with a stiff shaft 9 degree. These drivers are great. And yes, a tad bit cheaper than the new G425.

Peter Mitchell says:

Had mine in the bag for the past 16 months and love it. I’ve tried a few of my friends drivers but only gain an extra 10 yards ish and don’t think it’s worth spending the few hundred quid so it’s staying until someone gets one out there that’ll give me an extra 100 yards

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