BETTER THAN PREVIOUS MODEL? Ping G425 Driver v G410 Driver

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In this video I put the brand new Ping G425 Driver up against the previous model Ping G410 Driver in a head to head style battle too see what the differences are in performance, looks and feel. Is the newer version better than the old version?? We find out.

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20 thoughts on “BETTER THAN PREVIOUS MODEL? Ping G425 Driver v G410 Driver

  1. I've owned all the G drivers except the G425. I loved all of them; plus, my irons and hybrids are all G410s with the Alta Red shaft stock R shaft. I play 3 to 4 times a week and the clubs all held up except for the shaft on the G410 driver which developed a small crack. Ping sent me a new shaft, no charge, after 3 years of use! I loved the G410 so much that I even bought another driver for $299 recently. I'm 70 now and it appears that my club buying days are over (for now). Update: just bought an Odyssey putter (can't help it)

  2. I have a Callaway X Hot driver and I decided to update with a newer Ping 410 or 425 driver. I went to a store and hit both the 410 and 425 and did not find any difference that would improve my game with the 425 which cost over $525. So I decided go to with the 410's and saved some money. I found out in the real world when I compared the Callaway x Hot and the much newer Ping 410 driver that the difference might be 5 yards at best. My old driver still is great and the latest and greatest we see on Youtube I wonder …….how are they pushed to say how much better newer clubs are over the older ones.

  3. Just bought the 410 for a great deal. Maybe it was just an off day, but I could not get used to how the 425 felt. Can’t explain it but I’m happy with what I got.

  4. I use the original G30 so either of these should be a massive improvement. Only thing stopping me getting the G400 are the weight adjustments but the shaft is the engine of any driver so will look into that before deciding on which of these two beauties I get ?

  5. Prefered my G400 max than the G410 plus I now have. I did a comparison round with the G425 max (demo) and my Srixon Z785. Both were straight but the Srixon went further. G425 was returned to the pro shop and my credit card stayed in my wallet. G410 plus is up for sale…..

  6. I used my son in laws Ping G driver and I have never hit such consistent drives for a high handicapper. So I bought a G410 Plus. But I still love his PIng G, I think it may have a smaller head might be what I like about it.

  7. I went from a Taylormade M-2 to the Ping G410. I went with the 410 because I saved over $100 from the 425. I love it and find it to be far more consistent with far less shot dispersion than the M2 was delivering. Judging from your video there is not much difference between 410 and 425. Both great clubs but saving $100 is always appealing. I do like theft settings. Which flat setting gives the latest setting?

  8. Given the difference in head weight… should you really be using the same shaft ? Would you get a different result if you fit a different shaft for the 425 ?

  9. Got fitted for a ping g425 sft and traded in my g400 sft for it. On the range I much preferred the sound of the g400 sft, however the g425 sft has a tighter dispersion and a few more yards in it. This thing is a fairway finder. I also have a cobra king sz driver which sounds awesome and hits longer than the 425 sft. But again the the dispersion length and width are superior with the 425. I will continue to hold on to the cobra for now but will be gaming the ping this year.

  10. I picked up the Ping G425!! I left ping 5 years ago and struggle with cobra. I take it to the range. I'm hitting it straight 250 yards.i thought winter rust would give me problems. By far the easiest driver, I have ever hit!!

  11. We know it’s not gonna go further this video should have focused on dispersion – you missed a trick there Michael

    Can you post those numbers please ?

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