Callaway Epic 2021 Drivers Review | SPEED, MAX & MAX LS

Callaway Epic 2021 Drivers Review

PGA PRO Rick Shiels tests out the new Callaway Epic driver line up.
Drivers supplied by Callaway for review


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27 thoughts on “Callaway Epic 2021 Drivers Review | SPEED, MAX & MAX LS

  1. This is a very timely video for me as I am looking at the max and max ls. Would the kick point in the shaft also be a factor in the spin for each club?

  2. I am looking into getting one of these Epic Max drivers and I would really like to know IF the loft adjustments actually do what they are designed to do. I'd love to see one of your videos where you hit at least 6 balls with EACH of the loft adjustments on one of these drivers. One would assume that a 10.5* driver would give you about 1* of launch angle change with the minus 1 and plus 1 loft change. I'd like to see you do a test of the loft adjustment with launch angle and spin numbers for each of the four settings. IF I had a good launch monitor like you have I'd do the test myself, but unfortunately I done have access to one like you do. Would you please do this type of test and post a video of your results so all of us without a launch monitor can see IF the loft adjustments really do what they should? Thank you in advance for your help. Don.

  3. To confirm if you were to break the drivers down.

    The epic speed
    The epic max
    And epic max LS

    Which club would be for which handy cap?

  4. Rick, can I make a suggestion after watching many of your video’s? Don’t worry so much about driving the ball, and work like mad on your chipping game. lol

  5. My weakness has always been drawing a driver on command and by how much. Put the Epic Max in my bag and played first round with it today. It's EPIC! It's the most controllable driver I've ever owned by far. I shot one over par today and I credit it to getting the ball in the fairways 90% of the time. Draw, fade, frozen rope! If I missed the fairway, it wasn't by much. When you drive it well, it builds confidence. I swing about 114 and it would carry 285+/- and roll out to 300 in most cases with draw swing, a little less on the fade. (70 comp ball) Can adjust from 11* to 14* loft. Played it in default 12*. Came to find how to change all the shaft adjustments to fine tune to my swing. Great video as usual.

  6. You can see the Draw bias on the Speed. Rick tends to hit with draw or hook on occasion ? so, maybe a Max or an LS (here) would correct some of that. When he's going "good", the Speed would be the choice but, we are all never going "good" always or even the majority of the time. (On the course is way different) Something that flies slightly as a fade, would be many people's over draw tendencies to be corrected. Great stuff. Not a 3yd loss but, it goes straight. ? 282 with the Max and 282 with the 2017. Forgiveness for 690 dollars and 12 cents without tax. (£499)

  7. Rick I work at the pro-shop of the Real Club de Golf de Las Palmas, the oldest golf clib in Spain. Your reviews very helpful for me. You give me plenty of information to give my customers the best advice. Thank you very very much. Of course I also try the gear at the course but always you match with my own sensations. Thank you again Rick. ????

  8. Just got fitted for these. Struggled for years on my driver. I hit the speed dramatically better than the max. Thought that was really weird.

  9. So I just got fitted with an epic ls and am wondering if they did me wrong. I'm not a particularly great golfer. I'd say if I got a handicap I'd say 10 or so.

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