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This driver is deep testing the cheapest golf drivers. Mark Crossfield is on a mission testing the cheapest golf driver on the market. Golf driver reviews normally try to show the best and worst golf drivers but these days golf club testing shows that all equipment is very similar. So should you save those pennies with old v new golf clubs. This Cleveland Golf driver review shows just how good technology was in the past.

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noonster55 says:

I bought one in the "Classic" model right after watching you do a review of it. I think it was around 2013 or 2014. In a 7.5 head with a beige hand painted shaft, by Miazaki. Still the best looking driver I own. I just realized I have been watching your videos for a long time. Way before 2014. I also bought a new Callaway FT-3 driver after one of your reviews. I still have and play that driver too. I'm pretty sure you were the first person I subscribed to. I was just learning golf, started late in life. Forty six or sevenish… Thanks for all the great tips and reviews.

starwf07 says:

0:57 Mark, where is your shirt? 😂

Benjamin Stevens says:

I found one at my local goodwill for the whooping price of a dollar.

KOG says:

Thank you for this video.. I Have the Classic XL 10.5 with the excellent miyazaki tour shaft that came stock. I was considering buying a new driver, but this video confirmed what I already knew deep down.. This is just as good as the other drivers and the deep face does instill confidence. I hit this just as well as my friends TM M1 but I dont freak out if theres chips or any damage to it from bag rattle… Ok, looks like the classic stays and I will buy a different club😎 Fairway wood shopping time.

Phil Naughton says:

really expensive on ebay now what have you done 🙂

John McLelland says:

Still gaming my Cleveland Classic Custom XL. Such a deep face. Installs confidence when on the tee.

YaItIsMeG-Baby says:

From America!!! Love the videos!!!!!!keep em coming!

Alex Corbett says:

Not sure if you will read this as the video is a few months old now, but I will ask anyway. I have just come back to golf after after over 10 years away and I'm using my old clubs, one of which is the original Nike Sasquatch SQ driver (not the sumo). I would love to know how that compares to a modern driver. I have just looked online and that driver seems to be as rare as hens teeth so not sure you will easily find one to test. Maybe it's a collectors piece 🙂

Jóhannes Bjarki Sigurðsson says:

I had the Cleveland Classic XL custom. I loved it!

Joeg Voll says:

Damn! This video just raised the avg price on the XL on ebay, by $40!!! 😮

Bill Wallenstein says:

Carrying 262 Brah! Bang On

ForTheLoveOfSeve says:

Mark, I have that driver. Can I send you a 10 second vid of my swing please?

Tim Townsend says:

I had the one before the XL the persimmon looking one and went miles when struck right.

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