One of these clubs has to go – YOU to do the same!

Making changes to your Winter golf bag set up means so tough decisions, so I remove one of my favourite golf clubs of 2022?

I look at swapping out my TaylorMade 9 wood for the TaylorMade DHY long iron.

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14 thoughts on “One of these clubs has to go – YOU to do the same!

  1. I swapped my 58 degree lob wedge for a 56 degree Cleveland CBX and the extra forgiveness was incredible. Looking to add a 50 now. Highly recommended for diggers.

  2. I kind of did the same thing but with 3-wood. I purchased a 19° driving iron Titleist U500 and it has been absolutely amazing. This came about after switching my grip from a baseball style grip to the interlock grip. After that change I was unable to control my 3-wood and my fairway wood. After a few rounds with the U500 I have hit more greens from 230-250 than ever. Plus I can stay out of trouble on tee shots if I feel uncomfortable with driver on the day. The U500 flies super straight for me.

    We have many more weeks until our winter weather golf starts arriving, but I don't feel like I will need to switch the driving iron out.

  3. Informative as usual, and spot on, ive been replacing the clubs i use for 3-4 iron shots for winter seasons for a long time now, i tend also to replace with something with a flatter trajectory that cuts through the wind, and on wet greens will still stop. Also thanks for posting video earlier in year on ping chipr, i never thought it would be something id put in my bag, but its an absolutely cracking club, i use it from so many situations and its definitely been a good move, best money ive spent

  4. Really interesting Andy and typically just as I thought I’d got my bag sorted ????. As a 10hc I have to say I see you as a 6/7 HC as you hit every ball so cleanly – would love to see you complete some 18 hole vlogs ????????????????

  5. I have 13 clubs, play a 6,600 yard course. ( you've played it with Liam , loser wears the dress ) but winter we drop down to 6,200. Driver, 3 wood, 3 and 5 hybrid. 5 – sand wedge. I drop the 3 wood and 5 iron, 7 iron too sometimes for winter. The 5 hybrid goes 175 on the fly, 3 goes 185. Gets windy here, I might be short once in a while, but good practise in winter getting up and down.

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