Top 10 Greatest NASCAR Drivers Of ALL-TIME!

-This one took time to make, hopefully you enjoy it!
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21 thoughts on “Top 10 Greatest NASCAR Drivers Of ALL-TIME!

  1. No respect to Dale, i know hes incredible and one of the greatest ever, but drivers were only intimidated bc theyd get wrecked. JJ passed his competitors with skill. Again, Dale bled talent, but as far as i know, most of his passes involved a bumper. JJ passed respectfully.

  2. I’d go like this:
    1.) Earnhardt Sr
    2.) Gordon (I’m a Gordon fan saying Dale is slightly better)
    3.) Johnson
    4.) Petty
    5.) Pearson
    6.) Waltrip
    7.) Allison
    8.) Yarborough
    9.) Kyle Busch
    10.) Harvick

  3. 1.Dale Earnhardt Sr.
    2.Richard Petty
    3.Jeff Gordon
    4.Jimmie Johnson
    5.David Pearson
    6.Darrell Waltrip
    7.Cale Yarborough
    8.Lee Petty
    9.Bobby Allison
    10.Bill Elliott

    Honorable mentions:
    Tony Stewart
    Ned Jarrett
    Junior Johnson
    Alan Kulwicki
    Mark Martin
    Kevin Harvick
    And the Candyman.. Kyle Rowdy Busch

  4. By the way, where the hell is Junior Johnson? Probably the driver that belongs at number 2. Hardly ever raced a full season because he would get bored of kicking everybody’s rear ends and would take a month or two off, still finish in top 5 in points. Now that’s a driver!

  5. Not triggering in the least but, Jimmy’s career was probably more Chad Knauss than Jimmy. Jimmy Johnson was a mediocre driver at best, with a true engineer and brain as a crew chief. Not to mention the fact that he would be sitting at probably 3 championships max, seeing as how under the old system he would have been eliminated in June. 3 of his titles, he was 300+ points behind when the chase cutoff happened.

    Earnhardt on the other hand, wheeled cars to the checker that had no business being there but, he DROVE it to victory. How many Wow driving moments did he have vs Jimmy? Under the chase format it’s safe to say Earnhardt would have had 10-12 titles. He finished second in points numerous times and there was nobody better than Earnhardt at points racing, Nobody!

  6. My top 9 before watching the video: Petty, Earnhardt, Gordon, Johnson, Pierson, Darrell Waltrip, Bobby Allison, Cale Yarbrough and Tony Stewart. Couldn't pick a 10th but if all nascar series are included it would be Kyle Busch.

  7. I agree with most of your list…but you got the top 3 mixed up. The King is the king…he will always be #1, then Big Daddy #24 JG has to be #2 and The Intimidator #3. As for Jimmie…I am a hater so I cant give an unbiased opinion…but he is maybe #8 or 9. He did not and will not get #8 and he sucks in his current ride open wheel.

  8. As a Dutch kid who wasn't able to follow the races live I grew to be a fan of Jeff Gordon, simply because I drove his car in the Playstation game. His car's sponsor was my dad's sponsor as well and they gave me a Playstation and the NASCAR game as a present for my 11th or 12th birthday, but they jokingly told me the Dupont-car had the coolest driver. Something I never doubted ever since that day.
    I played that game so much that over time I grew to become a fan of The Golden Earring and other bands on the soundtrack.

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