Has golf tech really changed in 30 years?

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23 thoughts on “Has golf tech really changed in 30 years?

  1. I would love to see a matchup between two 7 irons or irons where the loft is about the same and the shaft length is around the same. Not to say that this was not interesting it certain was, but I think this might be a better test of tech comparison as we would be comparing both irons. If you wanted to stay with the 4 iron, then compare it to a Calloway or other iron that has 25 degrees of loft perhaps a 4 iron ping and a 5 iron or something like that. You could also compare an old tailor-made 5 or 3 wood against a similar lofted tailor-made 3 or 5 wood. thanks for the content!

  2. 30 years ago I was playing with ping eye 2 irons (3 to sand wedge) and Taylormade burner driver and fairway woods 3 and 5. I really miss them. Today I’m using Ping G425 irons (4 to PW) and Taylormade sim2 driver, 3 and 5 fairway woods and a hybrid 4 to replace 3 and 4 irons.
    Now I don’t go as far as I used to but of course I’m 30 years older (67 yo actually).
    But to me the big difference is not in how far you can go but how easy they are to play, much lighter and less dispersion.
    Maybe I would have lost even more distance if I was still using today the burner woods and the eye 2 irons. But I’m not 100% sure.
    On the other hand I’m 100% sure that I’m not playing better with these new clubs (as far as golf swing is concerned).
    I’ve never been convinced that the farther you hit the ball is a key factor. I think the golden key is to always hit more or less in the middle of the fairway consistently. (Even a very long 420 yards par 4 is after all just 3 times 140 yards. every golfer has in his bag a club hat can hit 140 yards. 3 shots to be on the green and one put it’s a par if not then a bogey).
    So again the big difference to me is how easy an comfortable they are to play.
    But the real thing that has totally changed and improved my scoring since I’ve been playing is not these modern clubs. It’s the 50 54 an 58 wedges that i got in my golf bag now. They have totally changed my 100 yards to the green approach shots. That was the real huge change in my game and scoring.

  3. Ping eye 2 was a great iron, since then what has really changed is the golf ball, size of sweet spot consistently in distance. Carry was 15 yards from longest to shortest, 27 yards from longest to shortest. Hybrid was 8 yards longest to shortest, total distance 12. Distance wasn't a concern it was consistency. That the difference of 30 years ago.

  4. I still have my first set of "good" clubs. 1995 Wilson Pro Staff OS. Just recently (within the last year) replaced them with Wilson Launch Pads. I could not be happier with the LPs.

  5. Not a real comparison, probably needed stealth 5 iron with its jacked up lofts. Like driving a 1980s ford fiesta vs a 2022 fiesta in development terms, not a fair game really, hollow bodied longer shafted (modern shafts tech also) hybrid vs a regular iron? Ping were innovative, history shows. Eye 2 iron was the for runner to perimeter weight golf clubs, which is still the norm now. Try to compare eggs with eggs.
    Where has A and H gone?

  6. I'm still playing a full set of Ping Eye2 irons. I have had them since the late 1980s. I will be getting a new set irons soon. I feel technology might actually be able to help this aging golfer.

  7. OK so I've now gone and bought a set of old Ping Eye 2 clubs for £85 from Ebay. I've yet to play with them but I want you to know I'm holding you responsible if they don't work!!! (although 2 beers before going on Ebay may have had something to do with it………)

  8. Interesting video, one of the lads has just been custom fit from the ping i2 that he got from his dad when he first started playing. He’s still waiting for them to arrive but it will be interesting to see the difference ??

  9. I still enjoy the odd round with my Ping Eye 2 clubs. The irons still feel good but the persimmon woods feel like butter when you hit them sweetly. They are tough when the swing is a little out, though!

  10. I like these videos comparing old vs new clubs. I still play a Titleist PT17 and it works great for me off the tee, but not consistent enough off the fairway. Would love to see a comparison with that club against a new fairway wood. Thank you for this video.

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