Online Golf Instruction: Phil Mickelson Putting Drill

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Online Golf Instruction: Phil Mickelson Putting Drill (Golf's #1 Lag Instructor Clay Ballard)

One of golf's most neglected pieces is putting. It accounts for nearly half of your total strokes, and can be the ultimate momentum changer in a tournament. So why not become a master of the short grass!!

In this video we will go over one of the most famous putting drills. The Phil Mickelson “Around the World Drill”. In this drill you will putt 6 putts from 9 feet away from the hole. Trying to sink all six in a row before finishing the game.

You want to do this drill from mid range. That way you get comfortable making putts from a range that you gain the most strokes on your competitors.

Think its easy? Try it out!

I look forward to working with you on your game.
Clay Ballard

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therayagenda says:

Don’t lie – it took 2 hours 🙂 Great video!

Joe Simmons says:

Just checked PGA putting stats from 9ft. More than 1.5 strokes! I’m
guessing that your approach shot distance to hole stats need to improve
thus having shorter and more manageable putts?

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