Our Top 5 Drivers of all time ranked

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A special topic video for you today! Ash is back and we rank our top 5 drivers of all time! This one will cause plenty of controversy, but let us know in the comments below what would your top 5 be and where would you rank them?

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15 thoughts on “Our Top 5 Drivers of all time ranked

  1. Love both top 5 lists. I think the GOAT debate is extremely opinionated and is influenced mainly by what era you watched F1. It’s the same in the NBA, football, tennis or any other sport. Personally, my list would be:
    5. Jim Clark
    4. Michael Schumacher
    3. Lewis Hamilton
    2. Ayrton Senna
    1. Juan Manuel Fangio
    Atm, I can’t put Hamilton higher than 3 as his career is not over but I do think when all is said and done, Hamilton will be the undisputed GOAT.

  2. I feel you guys should have done an all time top 10. It would be interesting to see where Prost, Clark, Stewart, Alonso and Vettel rank. Niki Lauda is a great shout as well.

  3. I have not watched many races before the early 2000's so it is hard to rank drivers.
    My top 3:
    1)Lewis Hamilton: Will beat all Schumacher records. He is currently setting new records involving consistency (always scoring points even when he is very unlucky like in Germany 2019). This is an area where he is still improving since his title in 2008. If it was not for Hamilton's consistency, we would be thinking that Vettel had a perfect season in 2017. He is the best driver in the wet of his time. Since the hybrid era, he only lost twice (Hungary 2014, Germany 2019). Most importantly, he has an unblemish record. Yes, he was hard towards Nico Rosberg but in comparison to other drivers, this is nothing.
    2)Ayrton Senna: Had an impressive speed. If he had been told to stop the car in his last race instead of dying, he would have probably experienced a similar success than Hamilton at Mercedes. He was the best driver in the wet of his time like he showed at the 1993 British GP. There were however dark moments when he deliberately crashed into Prost to win the WDC
    3)Michael Schumacher: Showed that he was able to outperform his Benetton and Ferrari (especially when he did not win the WDC). He was also a Rainmaster which he showed in Spain 1996 and Monaco 1997. Like Senna, he had dark moments like when crashing deliberately into Villeneuve to try to win the WDC.

  4. my top 7:
    1)Lewis Hamilton. The most complete driver i have seen, excels in both racing and qualifying. Great teammates as well.
    2)Ayrton Senna. Arguably the most talented driver in history. F1 wasnt the same post 1994.
    3)Michael Schumacher. The most succesfull in history, never really had a bad season.
    4)Alain Prost. The Professor. The most underrated driver. He had 5 champions alongside him. 4titles, 4 runner ups. He was always there.
    5) Fangio. The god father. Excelled during an era when death was a real thing.
    6)Jim Clark. Incredible raw speed. Incredibly unlucky driver. Left us too soon.
    7)Fernando Alonso. The master of getting more out of his cars. Amazing racecraft. Legend

  5. Schumacher no.1 Toooo good a record to not be
    Hamilton 2nd as he has done it against other multiple world champions
    Senna no.3 but seemed like he could be the quickest of all time on his day
    Prost no.4 he beat Senna multiple times
    Fangio 5th 5 championships and a 48% win rate but only 5th bc field was less competitive and had some drivers that defo didn't deserve to be there

  6. I have to agree what Mike said about Schumacher. He really did transcend the sport. He was like the Jordan or Tiger of motor sports. Everyone knew who he was.

    My five:
    Lauda- The thinker
    Hamilton-The warrior
    Clark-The master
    Schumacher-The beast
    Senna/Max(flip a coin)-The racer

    My team:
    Depends on my mood. Today: Clark, Senna/Max.

  7. Hard for me to say before 2000 drivers as i haven't watched many races before then however for me 2000-2020 (right now) I'd go for:
    5. Max Verstappen
    4. Fernando Alonso
    3. Sebastian Vettel
    2. Lewis Hamilton
    1. Michael Schumacher

  8. Top 5 is incredibly tough! Fangio and Moss would def be in my top 5. my number 1 HAS to be Senna. The impact he had on the sport as an inspiration to both future drivers and to fans, his ability as a driver especially in the wet, and just the aura around him. I have liked other drivers since but none have left such a lasting impression on me personally.

  9. Great choices guys ???? It is so tough to pick only 5 and obviously it is totally subjective and personal. It is the impact they had on both the sport and you as a fan.

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