25 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers

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I am a huge F1 fan and I follow the sport very closely. It was a very hard task to rank the top 25 drivers and it took a long time to come up with a final order. My results aren't influenced by statistics or favouritism, simply by who I feel were/are the best racers in Formula 1's history. I know not everyone will agree with my choices, but here are the 25 greatest Formula 1 drivers in my opinion from 1950 – 2013 🙂 Enjoy!

Music is ‘Lux Aeterna' by ‘Clint Mansell'.


En pause says:

Very bad list, Man.

No, no.

Martin Hambleton says:

Great choices.

Alberich Hunter says:

Hakkinen over Alonso? Such a joke!

S Black says:

I like your gut feel approach to this list….but, Carlos Reutemann but not Alain Prost….?

Michael Elser says:

Jacky Ickx is missing. Great driver.

Theworthsearcher says:

it is very hard to compare different drivers from different eras, especially because the cars were very different.From the mid/late 90s the cars did not change that much but until that they changed a lot. But sure, Ayrton Senna could win with the McLaren 5 times in 1993, when the Williams was a lot better car with a lot stronger engine. It was just the winner. And also he nearly won a championship with the Lotus, which was not the best car in that era, the McLaren was better, even maybe the williams, just the williams could not get the best drivers. Nigel Mansell was also a very good driver. He was just many times unlucky but he was similair to Alain Prost, the old, calmed down man. Sometimes he was faster with the Ferrari, sometimes with the Williams. Michael Schumacher is a big questinmark for me.SOmetimes he was very unsporty, he kicked out many times other drivers, once fpor example he kicked out Ayrton Senna and another time maybe Deamon Hill, if I remember correct and these were just 2 examples. Ayrton Senna was never like that. Even not against Alain Prost, except once, when he did not get the better half of the road for his pole position. That was understandable, I think because it was always so, that the pole positions driver could decide, from which side of the road he wants to start. So I think, we coudl only say, that there were many good drivers and even, this list is 9 years old… 😉

Arkan Kruger says:

Lauda 13th? Lunacy.

Rusty Turner says:

Clark, Fangio and Senna were simply in a different league, and all 3 faced plenty of talented opponents in good machinery. Pity you didn't think to include at least a couple of pre-WWII greats, Nuvolari (whom Enzo Ferrari always said was "the best, ever") and Caracciola (whom Neubauer proclaimed to be the best). Old Alfred and Enzo had seen them all, in their times. I also would have put Gurney in there, since Clark said he was the only driver he feared. But still, a good list showing some depth of knowledge.

Paulus thewoodknome says:

Never a big fan of Senna. There, I said it.

Fernando Cezar says:

Senna at the 1984 Monaco GP, the year of his debut, shows how good he was, the other drivers looked like children racing against him.

johnmarsh101 says:

Totally agree !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rob Walker says:

Well, you tried. Obviously you are biased against Vettel. Oh, and Schumi is number 1, not Senna. Senna never brought his team from worst to first – quite the contrary.

Lorenzo Minotti says:

I know it's an old video, so need to be updated, I like all your choices except 1. Carlos Reutemann. Come on, really? You know what was his nickname at Ferrari? The undecided. That should be enough.

Nickos A says:

Kimi Raikonen the best

SE Asian says:

Vettel won 4 WDC instead of 3. Sorry i did not realize this video was put up 9 years ago.

Jonatham Chaves says:

Ayrton Senna simple the best! ♥️♥️♥️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🙏🙏🙏

Rodolfo Sanabria says:

Fangio and Senna

Josiane Oliveira says:

Obrigado senna nós te amamos

Florence Modina says:

Senna is no.1 ,it should be..

Ahmet Ezilmeztürk says:

schumi no doubt

Pro 03 says:

Interesting that you had Hamilton at 6th just by his McLaren stint

ᴿᵒᵗʰᵐᵃⁿˢ says:

Sad that you didn't put Barrichello on the list 🙁
But good one!!!

Ari Veitz says:

Good to see Juan Fangio up there suprised to see Mansell so low in 19th the only guy who regulary challenged Aryton Prost couldnt or wouldnt

Alfa Won says:

Funny how HAM only had one WDC at the time when this video was made in 2013

Keith Richards says:

In no way Mika Hakkinen is #7, while monsters like Piquet, Mansell and even Alonso are all lower than #11… (Seriously? Hakkinen higher than Lauda, Villeneuve, Stewart, Fittipaldi and Brabham? C'mon…)

chaitanya gaur says:

1)Schumacher 2)Senna 3)Vettel 4)Gilles Villeneuve 5)Fangio

According to me

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