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Harry Young says:

I can relate to this! Finely fixed this.

Bid 123 says:

Good concept but he carefully as you could start to get the club head ahead of the hands at the bottom

Bruce Lowe says:

Some interesting comments but personally I quite like the short, sweet and straight to the point ideas to mix it up a bit. I say keep it up to add variety.

I also get what people worry about when trying new things and like others ‘thought’ not keeping the angles would cast/flip etc etc. Thing is, I say to myself what if I have it totally wrong (I don’t hit everything perfect) and maybe I just need to open up to trying something different…experiment with the change idea and see where it takes you. Surely having more ideas and feelings is better than one especially given we all don’t swing it the same or have the same ability.

Eric M says:

I actually really like the short clips, gets a concept/drill through very quickly

hasosmirza says:

Great vid mark

Dan Kim says:

I've heard the total opposite. Keeping that wrist angle is key to forward shaft lean at impact. This move seems like you want people to cast their club on the downswing…which leads to flipping motion at impact with an out to in swing path.

Dave M says:

Aloha Mark, this is great. thanks so much

Jay Scott says:

Or just don't let the club collapse into you in the first place. Whatever that distance happens to be for you (that slack in the right arm that Mark is telling you to push out, push away), swing to that straighter right arm position and stop there, that's your efficient end of backswing (hint: it's going to "feel" wider and shorter). Stop over swinging.

Dooya Punk says:

Been watching Golf 'tips' on how to fix the 'over the top' problem, for more than ten years.
I think cancer's gonna be cured before this problem is beat, lol.

Barry Emery says:

Another great tip Mark, will try this out on the range tomorrow pre tee off.

David Keenan says:

Hate these short clips. No depth, no feeling, have you run out of ideas? I would watch 20 minutes of you chipping balls into your neighbors gardens instead of this.

lessons don't help golf says:

Will try this ASAP 👍 tried everything to help over the top steep shaft and nothings ever worked. Thanks Parfield 👌

Donald Feist says:

How does this not promote early casting? Seems that you are losing wrist angle, shaft lean, etc.

2 Scents Worth says:

Love your simple yet effective teaching techniques 👍👍love watching the three of you go around the courses and seeing how the three different abilities and approaches play against each other on the course, in fact it’s fair to say I just love your channel haha 😛

tom law says:

Ben Hogan would want to fist fight you over this.

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