Padraig Harrington Swing (Side and Back) @ 2009 US PGA

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A side and back view of Padraig Harrington at the 2009 US PGA Championship practice range at Hazeltine National Golf Club, Minneapolis, Minnesota –


Benjamin Steele says:

good swing wierd finish

Brian Kelly says:

padraig would inialate vijay singh any day of the week

CazHattrick11 says:

Is it just me, or does Padraig seem to have like 10 different finishes after full swings

Cormac Crowe says:

@paulski5 i said an average looking swing which is true many players in the game have better swings and mechanics then the man. Im irish but i can see this

Cormac Crowe says:

that has got to be one of the most average looking swings in the game! His balance throughout is awful, he loses it more often than not! Got to give him some credit he did win three majors. may have the same number as els and singh but he is nowhere near their class!

Izzy Wizzy says:

it looks terrible. might be effective but his end pose just isn't fancy.

Andrew McAnallen says:

@macmanx23 Bad swing???? He's won 3 majors!

David Schultz says:

right doon the line now i jost grab my pohter and tap it in.

eddie Butt says:

just goes to show you short game is key

Martyn Lee says:

Pause at 01.12….look at the way the shaft is releasing! Perfect impact position.

ces't Sur Homme says:

He's swinging out of his boots. Almost lost balance at finish.

mercamg63 says:

i love the swing up untill the finish. his hands are way too close to his head. doesnt look like a pro at the finish. overall great fundamentals, its easy to see why hes so good

stephen f says:

He looks pretty ungainly some of the time, but man, does he hit it well. He does the right things right, anyway.

stephen f says:

Isn't that the truth! Irish meerkat, or something. Love the guy, but that does crack me up.

Alex Bryan says:

it flexes toe down but not forward, maybe if his hands suddenly stopped right before impact the club would kick forward.

stephen f says:

Any shaft that's well-matched–going back even to the steel-shaft days–will flex forward some through impact (also a little toe-down, because of the heel-down pressure put on the club at the change of direction).

ewotre32 says:

no man some shafts have forward bend to create high launch without excess spin

dillcliff says:

padraig is sneaky long off the tee..

Grover says:

Hi Def Camera is SWEET! THanks

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