Perfect tee heigh for hybrids – hit your hybrid further from the tee

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When you use a hybrid on the tee, how high should you tee up the golf ball? What is the difference between a high or a low tee for your hybrid? All those questions will be answered in this golf instuction video of We Play Golf. With a different tee height you can fly your golf ball heigh or low. A tee makes the tee shot easier, even with your hybrid.

Used club in this video: Callaway Mavrik Hybrid


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► Filmed on location at Ternesse Golf & Country Club

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A lot of thanks to our sponsors: Chervo and Callaway.

We Play Golf are:
– Tom Blanckaert (PGA Professional)
– Quentin van Soldt (Producer)



We play golf says:

Do you like a low or a high tee with your hybrid? Please let me know!

Gerard Powell says:

Thanks Tom. That is a great help

bowl816 says:

I like to tee the ball lower if I am using the hybrid clubs.

Chosil says:

Since I play it like the iron, the tee is quite low, just to allow a good lie

Villarreal Marta says:

Low tee height for sure. I find myself using my 3 hybrid off most tees now because it goes 230 straight every time. Most holes are 350 yards to 400 yards so leaves me with an easy approach shot and definitely more pars.

Bill Caddell says:

Hybrids are designed to be hit like an iron, so why would you tee it up high and just off the left foot,?

m maher says:

When I tee up for the hybrid I think of using the tee to simulate the perfect fairway lie

Phillip Ismay says:

Great thanks, BRILLIANT explains why i been skying my 3 wood off the tee…..

Gimpzorgaming says:

This has got to be the most useless video I've ever seen

don warren says:

How much of the ball should be above the top of the hybrid when using a high tee.

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