Meet The Greatest Driver of the Golf Ball Ever

Golfers are obsessed with hitting and seeing that perfect drive. Is it all about driving for distance or does driving accuracy make a difference? Here are the best on and off the PGA Tour. ? You may also enjoy: What Tiger Woods Is HIDING About His Kids ▶️

We all know a good tee shot on a crucial hole can be the difference between a winner and a loser. And although driving has not been the strength of many golfers, some players, and one artist in particular, have honed the stroke of genius.

To drive the golf ball successfully, players usually have two choices. They either send it long like a missile or straight as a dart. Still, some golfers have paid attention to the science and found a way to do both.

Let's look at golf's greatest drivers of the ball and see who takes home the ultimate prize.

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28 thoughts on “Meet The Greatest Driver of the Golf Ball Ever

  1. I'm glad Moe Norman got a mention.
    Held back by autism he made himself a great player with his own swing method and with sheer determination! Unsung hero!

  2. Tiger in the 2000 era under Butch Harmon had the best swing in golf and was the best driver of the ball. I say that because his par 5 advantage turned most courses into a par 68 for him since he was so much longer and straighter than everybody else. Oh and by the way he isn't "black". He's 50% Thai so if he's anything he's Asian. I don't know why people always say that. If he had left that 2000 era swing alone he would have passed Jack many years ago.

  3. Sam Snead could run the 100m in “under 10 seconds” ? Surely he was a great athlete, and any serious golf fan has heard the stories of him leaping over hedges with ease or kicking the ceiling or something similar. But c’mon, man ?

  4. Moe Norman was the greatest ball striker ever. Not necessarily for distance, but accuracy and straight as a string. He didn't get the press he deserved for two reasons: one, his quirky personality, perhaps a form of mental illness that was poorly understood in those days. Two, he was a Canadian. If he were American, he would have been much more highly revered. Another example, check out Naismith, James.

  5. Please check your data. In your video you state that Sam Snead could run a 100 meter dash in under 10 seconds. He ate with us during a stay in WV at The Ebony Golf Classic. We talked about different sports and I told him I competed in the 100 yard dash in high school that year. He told me he ran a 10.0 in the 100 yard dash. Much shorter than the 100 meter. I will never forget the distance or time because it was .4 seconds faster than I had ever run. He as an amazing individual.

  6. I liked the video overall, but I think you didn't give Byron Nelson the attention he deserves. He retired early and his career lasted only 11 or 12 years. In that short time, he won 5 majors including the 1942 Masters, beating Hogan in an 18 hole playoff. He won 52 PGA events putting him 7th on the all time list. But he has also accomplished some things that will never be done again. In 1945 he won 18 tournaments including 11 tournaments in a row! Between 1942 and 1946 he had a string of 65 consecutive top 10 finishes winning 34 times and finishing second 16 more times! Somehow, when they start talking about the golfers of that era he seems to take a back seat to Hogan and Snead but he was at least their equal, and I would argue only his short career kept him from amassing numbers that would rival Snead, Nicholaus or even Tiger. Really, almost the same story fits with Bobby Jones…sadly shortened career but with 13 majors he was a bright burning star for a short time.

  7. Calvin Peete was tiger to me before tiger….dude was so cool. That black glove….the cap….the polyester pants….gold chain….Johnny Miller raving when Peete won the players. The crooked arm i didn't even notice….just so accurate. But he had a really nice rotation through the ball with great leg action. Calvin was awesome. Golden era of golf. I used to play at a local mini with guys that reminded me of Peete. Thorpe played there occasionally. Mount Pleasant in Baltimore Maryland. Old school dudes old school golf….nice memories.

  8. Ted Ray did not win the 1912 US Open and he did not win the 1920 PGA Championship. There are many other factual errors in this video. Have you ever heard of the notion of proofreading?

  9. Calvin Pete also had an injury to one of his arms and couldn't straighten it, on a lighter note Moe Norman drank 20 cans of Coke a day, hence the rotted teeth.

  10. In the 1978 West Virginia state amateur I was playing with Mr. Bill Campbell on number nine on the old white course on the Greenbrier I drove a ball over 350 yards on the fly in a lite rain it hit an backed up a foot I was sixty steps from the flag my approach was inside a foot from the cup Mr. Campbell was amazed at what I did. I used a laminated head driver with a 2x shaft I did work out with power lifters I got strong an very flexible. I would never trade my swing with anyone I hit fairway and greens in many a round I was sorry I couldn’t try the tour for reasons beyond my own personal reasons

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