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► Peter Finch plays the closing stretch at Lumine, the venue for the European Tour Qualifying School to offer some simple advice on how to play difficult holes well

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jimbo james says:

man really loves the sound of his own voice.

B2B Bogey says:

At 13.27 two people are sitting outside the clubhouse. 13.30…they are not there? Edit score ?…

My OpenMind says:

Like my home course the semi is quite punishing. Making the fairway is a must if you want to score well.

ramon moreno says:

Great video. Way to hype your self on every shot. Make for better results I think.

Truth Defender says:

so wheres the secrets?

Marcus johansson says:

Sometimes my balls don’t listen to me…. ROTFLMAO

Mike Lewis says:

Sometimes my balls are like inanimate objects

Gilberto Ayala says:

A golf coach that can actually play! Smoothest swing in the game. Don't forget to buy his book. Congratulations Pete. Cheers!

thecman26 says:

Well done Peter!

Rob Biles says:

Hey. I don't know who you are buddy but stop impersonating Pete Finch. I know you're not him because he uses a TS3, not the ST180. Good matching of the beard thou.

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