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Flag IN or Flag OUT? Ft Paige Spiranac, Me & My Golf, Peter Finch & many more..
PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels talks about the BIG DEBATE in golf right now
Do you putt with the FLAG IN or FLAG OUT? Rick asked some of his friends including, Paige Spiranac, Andy Proudman, Piers Ward, Matt Wallace, Lucy Robson, Peter Finch and many more!

Order of appearance
Andy Proudman –
Andy Carter –
Erik Anders Lang –
Randy from Fried Eggs Golf –
Liam Harrison from Golf Vlogs UK –
Lucy Robson –
Matt Wallace –
Paige Spiranac –
Peter Finch –
Piers Ward –
Seb On Golf –


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Rick Shiels Golf says:

Flag IN or Flag OUT ?

PatrickMahn says:

Paige wants it in, so i am doing it for her..! just because… i mean.. we are just friends… and i am married you know.

thomas ross says:

Rick, the whole concept is to speed up play. This is basically done for the golfing world, not for professional tournaments. On this video, where is "you tube" going. Question: What's up with all these female golfers? Is this a golf information channel or a platform for the " Miss Universe" contest. They really need to work on their communication skills, & I don't mean the Kylie Jenner way. Rick, even you changed the video intro picture to feature sexy women.

Matthew le Grange says:

I find i am judging the distance better while leaving the flag in (I am no longer hitting the ball miles past or miles short on all distances. So I have started to 2 putt more and eliminate the dreaded 3 putts!). But if someone wants the flag out i don't make them put it back in.

Brian Davis says:

20ft or longer leave it in

Grigsby Poland says:

In. It used to be a 2 stroke penalty for a reason => because it was easier.

Dylan Bell says:

I think it also depends on the courses you play too.. were I play the flagsticks are not fibreglass and don’t always sit up straight so on shorter putts it’s definitely coming out ?

Glen Williams says:

Played on Sunday on a course I’ve never played before. Flag in, pace of play 2:36:10. 6500 yards course too so not short

Sodthong says:

Paige…half woman half plastic.

Rod Galilee says:

ideally it would be all in. thanks

john nuttall says:

Superb topic again Rick. You summarized it well and Matt Wallace hit the nail on the head ! The choice of leaving the flag -in WILL speed up the Amateur game, but not so much in the Pro game due to use of caddies. Golfers choice 'In or Out' will always be different . . lining up . . confidence . . . and some with indifferent putting will use it as a 'crutch' ! No names . . . but we can see who ! !

Simon Hillier says:

Hi, question…if I add more loft to my driver, for example the driver is 13.5 degrees and I add 1 degree what happens to the face? Am I opening the face or closing it. ??

Brad Heaton says:

Flag in, unless the flagstick is leaning towards the line of my ball on an uphill putt.

Mark Sakowski says:

Always in!!!!!!!!!The new rule is actually slowing the game because in the group will be always mixed opinions that will see the flag going in and being lifted out countless times.

Fred Hicks says:

I don't think it does much of anything to speed play. I'm 61 and fine with leaving it in all the time, but the guys I play with (mostly older) don't want to make that change……kind of like ANY change to what has traditionally been happening. To speed up play, people just have to move quicker and think ahead when getting ready for a shot. Our club made a big push to try and get people playing faster last year… worked for a couple of months and now things are back to being slower again. Slow players don't think they are the problem…..they can't see it, and it's pretty uncomfortable to have to tell a person that they are too slow.

Nathan Abbott says:

Love to see Pete again on this channel!

Robert Bogdan says:

Dave Peltz has says you sink more putts with the flag in. So, I'm going to talk my buddies into taking the flag out so I can beat them more often. Flag in!!!

Truthseeker06 says:

Sorry Pete didn’t have time to hear your reasons.

David Radford says:

Always in! Better depth perception, easier to aim at something above the ground, easier to aim inside left/inside right-left of pin/right on pin, and allows the group behind you to shot the pin with their range finder.

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