PGA Tour Player Boo Weekley Talks about Junior Golf

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prankster01234 says:

Cleveland doesn’t suck, I reckon they make the best wedges.

mcgee1516 says:

love my cg golds

Koe213 says:

Boo is a great guy we had a few drinks together at an offtrack racetrack
during the us open. He’s real cool dude to hang out with.

Don Prestage says:

Anyone who plays Cleveland has to be cool…Hi Bore and cg golds.

W0weeZ0wee says:

why did he say Eastlake in Atlanta,GA then?

scottyray12 says:

Nike? Are you serius? Taylormade is the pick

Koe213 says:

nah this was in Pennsylvania when the us open was at oakmont

prankster01234 says:

I use Cleveland wedges and personally they’re the best for me.

Don Prestage says:

I just played two rounds at Poipu bay on Kauai with Taylor made burner
irons, driver and 3-5 wood. (rentals)They were pretty nice and had a decent
feel, especially the driver, but I would have given anything to have my
set. I just get alot of cntrol with the irons that I didn’t get from the
Burner set. I’ve never hit the new Victory reds but that doesn’t mean my
set sucks. This is my second set of clevelands and I broke 80 twice last
month 78-79. So naturally i’m in love with them.

jbizzle231 says:

@andy7225 They sponsored Tiger before they ever had golf clubs

Don Prestage says:

Yeah Boo and Vijay think so too. Thats why they play them.

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