Cleveland RTX 588 CB Golf Wedges

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Lee Jacques says:

Thanks for the insight regarding no difference in feel. .. I think I will
be buying the std blade.
Ps. Do you find the RTX 2.0 give any more spin than the original? 

Jakob jakobsen says:

when are there coming new course vlogs ? ;)

Christian Frödin says:

Considering the fact that the Buzzman also has a Youtube-channel. Why not
give him a link in the description in the videos he’s in?

Vici Martynov says:

Not for me, I love my 3 VR Pro blades, a perfect fit to my Combo Pro cavity
back irons. I am yet to see a lie my 56/14 bulldozer has trouble getting
the ball out of. Gawd Mark you are hopeless with your chunky club love, you
have absolutely no trouble at all hitting bladed wedges and play some
fantastic shots around the green with them :-)

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