PGA TOUR players hit vintage clubs at Northern Trust Open

As part of the 90th year anniversary of the Northern Trust Open, Rory McIlroy, Kevin Na, Charley Hoffman, and Anirban Lahiri hit a variety of vintage clubs from the 1920's, 50's and 90's to commemorate the occasion. .

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16 thoughts on “PGA TOUR players hit vintage clubs at Northern Trust Open

  1. I'm in my 30s and I donated my metal drivers and woods to Goodwill, and bought a set of NOS 1965 persimmon MacGregors. Couldn't be happier. Love the feel, love the sound. I don't care if my drives don't go as far – I'm not competing against anyone and I'm not playing for money – I'm playing to enjoy my time, and i get far more enjoyment out of hitting the old clubs than the new ones.

  2. Modern players have it way easier than the greats of yore. Jack Nicklaus won all of his tournaments pre 1993 yet tiger woods with all the modern tech can't beat his record.

  3. My entire set is older than those.
    I learned on totl rental Taylormade or Titleist titaniums. Boom but I couldn't keep from introducing a big slice.
    Then I bought at a yard sale an ancient bag and cart with Spalding Star Flite woods.
    Tiny heads but i dropped the slice entirely. Dead ahead pretty much every shot but lost about 4 length.
    I bought a real antique Gary Player Tournament driver and (steel)56⁰ wedge. All briar with brass weighting.
    Its tough to play, no forgiveness if you aren't dead centred. Just a conversation piece now.
    Bought a (don't know what year but old) Ping Eye 2, aluminum weighted.
    Boom im keeping up with the boys using the modern drivers if i pull it out.
    I have played 18 holes different courses with these antiques and other players are impressed with the accuracy.
    I think they know its adding difficulty using them & i like the extra challenge.

  4. I’m in my 40s, and my first clubs were wooden woods ($22 set with irons at a garage sale). My putter had the number 10, on it, so we called it a 10 iron. Thanks, Mom and Dad. I’ve been playing ever since.

  5. Imagine if the guys who used these back then such as Harry Vardon, Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson used modern clubs. They’d shoot 30 under every tournament I bet.

  6. It's what I grew up playing. When the Big Bertha came out it was disgusting looking to some of us. I thought it looked like a football on a stick. And no way was I paying the crazy money for such faddish equipment. I did love my Taylormade Pittsburgh Persimmon though. Wood always felt a bit mushy after I starting hitting the TM. Then there were titanium shafts!

  7. I played a lot growing up…but stopped playing in the late 1990s after getting married/having kids/job moves & promotions, etc.,. A couple of weeks ago while cleaning out our closet I found my old Big Bertha driver–the original one. I showed it to a younger friend of mine…and compared it to HIS modern driver. That sucker was HUGE–making my Bertha look like a 5-iron!

  8. High technology has radically changed The Game. By my playing & enjoying this evolution for over 50 years, I still “feel” the difference.
    My current, thick-topline, chunky irons make my miss-hits less punishing. Yet you NEVER get that magical feel of a well-struck (blade) 7 iron. ????

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